Bucket List

1-Meet/ Work with Elephants

2- Get Married

3-Work Abroad (Completed in 2016)

4-Go Skinny Dipping

5-Go to Paris (Completed in 2011)

6-Have Kids

7-Go to New York (Completed in 2012)

8-Go to Rome (Completed in 2013)

9-Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain (Completed in 2013)

10-Visit South America

11-See The Mona Lisa (Completed in 2011)

12-Get a Tattoo (Completed in 2015)

13-See the Sistine Chapel (Completed in 2013)

14-Have a Pet (Cat or Dog)

15-Visit Africa

16-Go on a Road Trip

17-Go to Asia (Completed in 2014)

18-Go Scuba Diving

19-Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC) (Completed in 2012)

20-Watch a Sunset/Sunrise (Completed in 2015)

21-Plant a tree and see it grow

22-Swim with Dolphins (Completed in 2009)

23-See Cherry Blossom in Japan

24-Complete the 1000 Paintings to see before you die book

25-Eat Cavier

26-Graduate From University

27-Send a message in a bottle

28-Learn how to use chopsticks properly (Completed in 2014)

29-Visit Venice (Completed in April 2017)

30-Visit Australia

31-Hug a Koala Bear

32-Read The Great Gatsby

33-Release a paper lantern

34-Make a Dress (Completed in 2014)

35-Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s

36-Own a Black Chanel Quilted Bag

37- Start a Blog (Completed in 2013)

38-Find the perfect wedding dress

39- See 'The Birth Of Venus' painting

40- Adopt

41- Donate Blood

42- Be a Bridesmaid (Completed in 2000)

43- Learn to Drive

44- Swim in Water at the foot of a waterfall

45- Visit Hawaii

46- Go to Disney Land (Completed in 2004)

47- Learn how to Meditate 

48- Make a snow angel 

49- Have a romantic date in Paris

50- Take Photo Booth photos with a Friend (Completed in 2014)

51- Visit Salvation Mountain in California

52- Kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel (Completed in 2015)

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