My Feelings On Blogging and Instagram

Thursday, 14 September 2017

This topic is something that is frequently on my mind. Something I've wanted to talk about for some time, but have a hard time articulating. So please bare with me as I try to explain how I feel about the blogging industry and Instagram.

I love blogging, and thats the only reason I do it. It's a wonderful outlet for my creativity and it's so nice to have a tiny slice of the web thats honestly all yours. But the blogging landscape has changed drastically in the past 2 years. Whether it's implementing new features on certain apps/websites (*cough* instagram and bloglovin' I'm looking at you) or the bigger bloggers setting unachievable high standards, that aren't necessarily honest. Everything changes with time, and it's completely natural for things to evolve, but I've been asking myself recently is this changing for the better?

When bloglovin' started showing full posts on their site, almost every blogger I've spoken too has seen drops in their blog views, and it's irritating. We work hard to create content for our sites and for it to be seen on bloglovin in full rather than for readers to have to click through to our own blogs, is so frustrating. I rely on Bloglovin' to gain followers for my blog, so it's not something I can really go without. Especially with almost every blogger opportunity goes on your follower count and page views. I think Bloglovin' is great, it's so nice to be able to scroll down your feed seeing all your favourite bloggers latest posts but it was perfect as it was before, there was no need for this change. 

Instagram Algorithm 
This algorithm has been good for nobody, I've not seen 1 single person say anything positive about the change to instagram. I used to LOVE planning my grid and creating a nice feed for my followers but my motivation has really dropped. It's so hard to find new followers and keep them. I absolutely despise the follow unfollow game, it's exhausting and gets you nowhere. It's so obvious when people have either bought there followers or use the follow unfollow method because their engagement isn't there. I'd prefer to have a small handful of genuine followers rather than a load of people that don't care about my feed/blog at all. 

Photoshopping To The Extreme/Over Editing
I'm not naive, I know that almost all bloggers edit their photos and I know that the big bloggers especially have all the top of the range equipment and the skills to make the best of their images. And I have no problem with editing the brightness and exposure of images, changing the saturation and the highlights etc. I even do this myself. So I have no problem with this,  but when all the drama came out about a certain big blogger photoshopping herself in front of tourist sights that weren't accurate and over editing almost all her photos it just made me think whats the point? If the big bloggers, the ones with all the opportunities under the sun, the funds and the equipment to create amazing content and they can't even do that without cheating then what hope do us small bloggers have? 
The standard is set SO high now, and I understand that this is primarily because the market is over saturated, but it's really disheartening. I'm sure that nobody deliberately compares a blogger with smaller followers to the bloggers with 800k followers, but for most of us these are the bloggers that pop up on our feed, these are the images we're seeing constantly, so it's hard not to compare. Blogging is seen as a career now which is amazing because I do believe that bloggers have so much influence. But for some it's just a nice little hobby we have on the side, so for us to be compared to the gals that do this full time for a career it's a little impossible. 

I think the blogging industry and blogosphere is a wonderful place, and it's probably the place that inspires me the most. All of these amazing influencers, no matter how big all small, creating original inspiring content is absolutely amazing. And who knows where the industry will be in 5 years time or 10 years time? But for now, we need to spread the love- like and comment on Instagram photos and tell the bloggers you like that you love their content and keep creating.

About The Outfit:
I picked up this beautiful dress from ASOS for my summer holiday to Corfu, it's super comfortable and perfect for the warmer climate. I kept accessories simple with my lace up shoes and my nude personalised Florian London Bag.

With Love; Em x

To keep spreading the love, my next blog post will be all about my fave bloggers- with under 10k followers and then under 50k. Live next week so keep your eyes peeled.


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