How To Make Your Mornings More Productive

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Even as a little girl, I enjoyed getting up early. Lie-in's haven't really appealed to me, and on the odd chance I do have a lie in, I just end up laying in bed thinking that I'm wasting the day and there's lots I could be doing.. So here are a few tips, that you could do if you're more of a night owl but you want to try and make your mornings more productive!

Get Things Out The Night Before
Now some people might think this is a little extra, but the more I prep the night before the more productive my morning is. I get out everything I can for breakfast and my morning cup of tea, so that means my mug (with the teabag in), teaspoon, bowl, my little porridge sachet and a spoon. All ready and laid out, so I'm not rummaging around the kitchen at 6am trying to find my favourite mug for a cuppa. Then all you have to do is roll outta bed, head to the kitchen and flick the kettle on.
At the moment I'm spending Monday-Thursday in Derby and Thursday-Sunday in Huddersfield so if it's a Thursday night and I've just arrived in Huddersfield ready for work on Friday, I'll make sure I unpack my case. Pop my makeup etc all out ready on my dressing table rather than digging through my case in the morning trying to find my hairbrush!

Plan Your Breakfast
I'm a firm believer that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So if you really can't find time to make it in the morning then how about making something the night before? Whether it's a fruit salad, breakfast muffins or overnight oats. If your breakfast is all ready then it's one less thing to worry about and an extra 10 minutes in bed for you!

Plan Your Skincare Routine Accordingly
I prefer to keep things as simple as possible in the morning, so I can just get ready and get out the door as soon as possible. So when sorting out my skincare routine, I've kept my morning routine super simple, with just cleanser, toner and then moisturiser. Whereas my evening skincare routine has more products, so I can really take my time with it.

Plan Your Outfits
Most of us do this anyway right? You lie in bed thinking about what you'll wear tomorrow? Or is it just me? Anyway, this super simple thing can be such a time saver in the morning. I get out everything, my clothes, underwear and shoes and hang them on the front of my wardrobe so that when I wake up they're right there all ready. It's not getting dressed that takes the time, when you're getting ready. It's the faffing around deciding if that top really does go with that skirt and what shoes to wear, etc etc. So by making the decision the night before you're much more likely to get out the door on time!

In summary, the key to having a productive morning is organising as much as possible the night before! Organisation is the key as they say..

About The Outfit
I kept this outfit pretty simple, I styled this denim skirt (Primark £8- Similar Here) with this lovely white top with tie details on the shoulders (Miss Selfridge £15- Similar Here). I added a pop of colour with a red lipstick, and kept the accessories simple with this beautiful personalised bag (Florian London £200- Shop Here) and my trusty Topshop lace up heels (Topshop £60).

Keep your eyes peeled for the rest of my holiday photos coming up on the blog over the next couple of weeks!

With Love; Em x

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