Taking A Step Back

Friday, 5 May 2017

You'd probably noticed that things were a little quiet on tassels and toiles since February. Things had got incredibly busy at work, since LFW it's been non-stop. It was my birthday in March so I had the busiest two weeks of my life. Josh took me to Paris as my birthday present and dashing around seeing family and friends. Also at the end of April I went to Venice with my Mum and Nana which was amazing, but  it's taken me longer than I anticipated to get back into the swing of things. So whilst I was busy with 'life' things, I put my blog on the back burner. I tried to stop feeling guilty about posting, and I'm so glad I did. Sometimes you just need a while, with less commitments to concentrate on other things. So here's a couple of reasons why it's important to let life take over, and take a step back for a little while.

I think, that all us bloggers seem to forget that for most of us blogging is just a hobby. There are only the small percentage of bloggers that make enough money off blogging for it to be deemed more than just a hobby. But yet there is so much pressure to be putting new content out regularly and always be improving your photography and constantly updating social media channels. It all gets too much, and if you fall behind, you miss a post or don't post a photo on instagram for a few days, you feel guilty. It's so important to remember that we don't need to put this pressure on ourselves and most of us blog because we love it, we're passionate about it. One of the main reasons that I've never set a formal blogging schedule is because I know how crap I'll feel if when I miss a post. 
I want to continue to enjoy blogging, and if I force myself to post multiple times a week it becomes less enjoyable. I love blogging and I don't want it to become a chore, so if it meant taking a few months away, being less active then so be it. I want to produce content I'm proud of, not just putting up posts for the sake of it. 

Outfit: Top- Zara / Jeans- Topshop / Bag- Zara / Loafers- ASOS / Jacket- Topshop / Sunglasses- Primark

Life isn't perfect, and it's not always consistant. Sometimes periods are busier than others and thats just the way it will be. It's impossible to put 110% effort and energy into every single thing you do, especially when there is more on your plate that normal. So rather than trying to be wonder woman and doing everything, occasionally iy can be necessary to take a step back and re order your priorities so that you don't burn out. Thats what I did, I relieved some of the pressure by not updating my blog as frequently as normal, and it did help. It means that I can post when I want and what I want, without feeling guilty about it. 

Do you have any tips on taking a step back? I'd love to know!

With Love; Em x

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