5 Things You Must Do In Venice

Friday, 19 May 2017

When my mum asked me what I wanted to do for my 21st birthday present, I thought it would be a lovely idea for me, my mum and my nana to go away. Have a girly trip and create some memories, so thats what we did! We had the best time. It was my first trip to Venice, and to be honest I didn't know what to expect. I thought it would be similar to amsterdam in the sense of the canals etc. But in central Venice there were no roads at all, no cars. Just quaint little streets and little bridges everywhere. It was completely breathtaking and indescribable, I'm desperate to go back, and I would 100% recommend it to anyone. So here are 5 things that you must do whilst in Venice!

If you're not familiar, then Murano Glass is the world renowned glass thats handmade in Venice, on the island of Murano to be precise. It's about 30 minutes away from central venice via vaporetto (Water Bus) and it's 100% worth the trip. Just like central Venice, Murano has it's own grand canal, although it's much much smaller than the one in Central Venice. Wander in and out of the boutiques selling anything and everything made out of murano glass and pick up a sovernier of your trip. They do actually do a factory tour where you can see the glass being made if you fancy having a look at that. But we were perfectly happy just wandering in and out of the shops all morning.

Burano is another island in Venice. It's further afield than Murano, but still worth a visit. Burano is full of brightly coloured houses and it's so picturesque it's amazing. Wander round the streets of Burano soaking in all the beautiful sights. Burano is smaller than Murano, so there's a little less to do. We spent the morning in Murano and the afternoon in Burano, it was the perfect amount of time in each place, and it meant we only had to buy a 24 hour vapouretto ticket.

Everyone that you'll meet in Venice will say 'Venice is best seen on foot ' and oh boy are they true. We used the vapouretto the first two days of our stay, to go further afield. Especially because my Nana is 75, and although she's pretty fit for her age, we didn't want to over-do it by walking miles and miles on the first few days. But on the Saturday that we were there, we didn't really have a plan of what to do. So we just set off walking, we followed signs for rialto bridge (venice is brilliantly sign posted) and we walked from our hotel to rialto bridge. We came across beautiful bridges, shops and churches and we saw more of venice that morning than we did in our first two days.
Sometimes using public transport is necessary, for example if you were going over to visit the islands, but if you're staying in and around central Venice, walk. It's so worth it.

Gondola Ride
It would be criminal to go to Venice and not go on a Gondola. They're a little pricey- €80 for 40 minutes in the day, and €100 for 40 minutes at sunset/evening. But honestly, totally worth it. It's amazing to see venice from a Gondola, and so romantic. It was 100% the best experience ever.

Have A Drink On The Grand Canal
Venice is so beautiful, that you need to soak up every ounce of the atmosphere whilst you're there. Find a restaurant/bar with outside seating on the grand canal and sit outside and have a drink or two.  We spent sunday afternoon enjoying peach bellinis in the sunshine watching the boats going along the grand canal and it was beautiful.

I just wanted to say, a massive thank you for this truly wonderful 21st Birthday Present from my mum. It was so lovely to enjoy some time the three of us, soaking up the venetian culture and sunshine.

Have you been to Venice? Or are you thinking of visiting? I'd love to know..

With Love; Em x

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