An Insight Into The Bridal Industry- Interview with The Bridal Editor

Monday, 3 April 2017

There are many thing's that I've learnt whilst interning at Charlotte Mills. The most important thing I've discovered is how much I love the bridal industry and how I'm desperate to get more experience and learn more about this wonderful industry.  

I've was introduced to Sarah, founder of The BRIDAL EDITOR through Charlotte Mills. After emailing back and forth I thought I'd ask if she'd mind being interviewed for my blog. As a fashion student who's currently interning I'm always looking for inspirational people who wouldn't mind sharing their own experiences and tips and tricks to help out girls like me, that are just trying to get their foot in the door. Sarah very kindly answered my questions for me, and I'm so excited to share them with you! 

1. What made you want to work in the wedding industry? Is it something you set out to do or did you just fall into it?
I've always wanted to work in the magazine industry, so I started interning as soon as I could during my university holidays. The first internship I landed was at You & Your Wedding Magazine in the fashion department, followed by a stint at Wedding Magazine when it was still based in London, and it all stemmed from there! 

2. Describe what your job was at wedding magazine? What would you do in a typical day?
As the Fashion Editor at Wedding Magazine, I was in charge of the magazine's styled fashion pages and content. A typical day could include anything from researching trend ideas to talking to bridal designers and PRs, working with the design team on page layouts and attending press events and launches in London. During my time at the publication, Wedding went purely digital and I became the Deputy Web Editor. My role during this time continued to involve the fashion-side of things in terms of content and social media. 

3. Tell us all about your new bridal blog!
BRIDAL EDITOR is a newly-launched, purely-fashion bridal site tailored to helping brides-to-be discover everything from their dress to their shoes and accessories! The site is only three months old, yet it's had a truly wonderful response from the industry. It's also a great place for brides to discover wedding dress tips and up-coming diary dates (including everything from the biggest wedding events to trunk shows and sales). 

4. Any advice you’d give to anyone wanting to work in the wedding industry?
Intern! This is a fabulous way to learn about and experience the bridal industry. Whether it's at a wedding magazine, with a PR company or at a brand! 

5. The Pro’s and Con’s of working in the wedding industry?
In terms of the pro's, these are endless! The bridal industry is such a lovely, beautiful industry to work in - and the people are wonderful too! There's always something new to experience and discover. In terms of the cons - all I can think of is: it makes you want to buy everything! So, it's not great for your bank balance! 

6. Your favourite Bridal Designer, Dresses/Accessories/Jewellery anything!
Arghh! This is such a difficult question! I'm not sure I could ever decide! One of my definite favourites is Jenny Packham because I wore the designer on my own wedding day. Shoe-wise, I'm loving Jimmy Choo's latest bridal line and Charlotte Mills. 

7. Did working at Wedding magazine have an effect on how you planned your big day?
I think it definitely did. Due to the amount of inspiration I saw on a daily basis, this definitely led to me having a good idea of the type of day I wanted. However, sometimes it was too much inspiration! I knew things were getting out of hand when I started enquiring after a gold, mirrored dance floor! 

8. Any top tips on how to get an internship in the bridal industry? Specifically wedding magazines?
Be proactive! Get in touch with your CV and see what's available! 

Hopefully you found this as interesting as I did, and it's given you a better insight into the wedding industry. Don't forget to check out Sarah's blog here! - BRIDAL EDITOR

With Love; 
Em x

Photo Credit: Nick Ilott Photography

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  1. I went to a wedding here several years ago and fell in love. The NYC wedding venues are beautiful and I was so incredibly impressed and charmed with this place that when I got engaged, we didn't even shop around. It was this place or bust.


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