How To Spend 72 Hours in Paris

Thursday, 13 April 2017

For my 21st Birthday my lovely boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Paris! So I've put together a guide, here's how we spent 72 hours in this Magical City.

Day One:
- Explore the Sacre Coure
The views from the Sacre Coure are amazing, and it's totally free. Climb up the steps to the beautiful church to see stunning views across Paris. The Church itself is so beautiful, inside and out. It's free entry which is perfect if you're poor students like us! If you wander behind the Sacre Coure there are some beautiful quaint streets with lovely restaurants and gift shops. It's a lovely area to spend an afternoon. The first day we arrived in Paris it was pretty grey and misty, but I think we still got a pretty good view!
- Moulin Rouge
It's only a short walk from the Sacre Coure to the Moulin Rouge, walking along that street is an experience in it's self. But if you can then try and catch a show!

Day Two:
-Eiffel Tower
You can't come to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower. This was my third trip to Paris, but my first time up the Eiffel Tower. There's a discounted rate for students, it cost us €14.50 to get the lift right to the top. It was a pretty grey and windy day, but the views were still out of this world. So spectacular. It was definitely the highlight of the trip for me.
-Lunch: Brasserie de la Tour Eiffel
There are loads of lovely places to eat around the Effiel Tower. Ranging from crepe stands to lovely restaurants. We tucked into some delicious food at Brasserie de la Tour Eiffel. The food was delicious, and it was ludocrasly expensive, especially given how close to the Eiffel Tower it is.
-Arc De Triomph
A short walk from the Eiffel Tower is the Arc De Triomph and Champs-Elysées, which is definitely worth a visit. Window shopping along this street is a must, because who can afford to actually shop here?

Day Three:
- Louvre
'If you spent 60 seconds looking at each of the objects at the Louvre, going steadily for eight hours a day, it would take you 75 days to see them all. It is simply enormous.'  The louvre has the most impressive collection of art I've ever seen. I absolutely love wandering around art galleries, it's so inspiring. Even if you're not an art-nerd like myself there are some extremely famous pieces that you wouldn't want to miss, such as the Mona Lisa and so many others! It's definitely way too big to try and do the whole thing in one day, like the fact above shows. But pick a couple of your favourite collections and just wander round for a few hours. Thats what we did and it was lovely.
-Lunch: Cafe Marly
When I was interning in Paris last July I actually had dinner at Cafe Marly. It was so delicious I knew I had to come back. So as a treat. Me and Josh had the most lovely Lunch at Cafe Marly on our last day. If you want delicious food with a wonderful view then this is the place to be. Set in the court yard of the Louvre, it's the perfect location for a fancy lunch. I had a lovely glass of champagne and some delicious Truffle Ravioli and Josh had a Mojito and Burger. It was the perfect last meal in Paris.
If you're in the area of the Louvre, you need to call in at Angelina's. Their renowned hot chocolates are totally worth the hype, absolutely delicious. You won't regret it.

I just wanted to say a quick thankyou to my love for organising such a wonderful trip for my birthday. I honestly had the best time. I love you 

For me, 72 hours isn't enough time in this beautiful City. But I think even I lived their for a year, it wouldn't be long enough. I'm desperate to go back, visit my favourite places and explore new ones. But for now it will have to wait.. On to the next adventure.. Venice. You'll have to keep your eyes peeled for that one.

With Love; Em x


  1. What a lovely surprise trip! Love all your photos, I went to Paris a few years ago but would love to go back and explore some more :) x

    Lorna | Girl in Albion

    1. Thanks Lorna, yeah it's so beautiful. I'm dying to go back! xx


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