Valentines Gift Guide for Him

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

With Valentines Day a couple of weeks away, I thought it fitting to put together a little gift guide for you. Lets rewind to this time last year, Josh told me that he was taking me to Amsterdam as my Valentines/Birthday present. So for his valentines gifts I thought I'd put together a little collection of gifts all centred around our trip. 

The first present was a hand luggage bag, that I bought from ASOS. It was a holdall but with backpack straps on too, which was perfect. Inside that bag I put these smaller presents labelled below. So for example, the present with a blue ribbon on was a lovely wallet. There were his favourite chocolates for the plane and for munchies, and then a little deodorant and shower gel to take with him. I used the map wrapping paper and labelled the present accordingly, so to keep in with the travel theme. Josh really loved it and it was a really cute idea. So I thought it might give you some inspiration for what to get your other half! 

Some other ideas I've listed some below:
-Toiletry Set
-Beard Grooming Set
-Cookery Book
-A New Game, either video game or a board game
-Jewellery, there are some lovely leather bracelets. Monica Vinader do some beautiful woven ones, that you can actually get engraved too!
-Night/Weekend Away (only if you're feeling spendy!)

If you're on a budget or you want to make something handmade:
-A scrapbook, a page for every week/month/year you've been together. I made Josh a book, with a page for every week we'd been together for our 1st Anniversary. It went down a treat. 
-'Open When' series. Envelopes/Little Presents that say 'open when you're feeling sad' 'open when you're hungry' etc.. 
-5 Senses. Something to represent every sense. Look, Touch, Smell, Listen and Taste. For example his favourite chocolate for taste, put together a playlist of his favourite songs for listen etc.. 
-A romantic night in, get dressed up and cook your partner a meal etc..

I hope this gave you some inspiration, what has been the best Valentines gift you've ever received?

With Love; Em x

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