Short Term or Long Term Internship?

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Internships are a really great way to get your foot in the door, in whichever industry you want to get more experience in. I'm currently on my placement year at University and I love it. I'm having the time of my life, and learning so much! There are many ways to start interning and lots of different types of internships that are available. So for todays post I thought I'd talk you through short term and long term placements, if you were wondering which one to do! (Just for reference, lets say a short term internship is 1 month and under)

Short Term
- One of the best things about doing a short term internship is that you can get experience in different positions. Which is really helpful if you're not sure what exact job/role you'd like to pursue. It also means that if you think you'd love something, but when it comes down to it if you're not that keen you're not tied down continuing to do that internship when you're not enjoying it.

-Most internships are unpaid or just cover expenses, so interning can be very expensive. Especially if you have to travel/live away from home. So short term placements are great for getting experience without breaking the bank.

-Short Term Internships are usually more flexible. If a company has long term interns, they're usually year round and when one leaves another starts so they have an exact start and finish date. Whereas placements that are around a month long (or under) are normally much more flexible, and you can usually apply a week or two before starting. I did a 3 week placement with Temperly, I was interviewed on Friday and started on Monday. So it was very last minute, and lots of internship ad's have immediate start dates. So keep your eyes out for that!

-Perhaps the most obvious point is that they take up less time, so you can do it whilst you're studying at university. You could do a week or two in January break and then maybe some over summer. So it's a great way to get in some experience whilst you're at university without taking a year our or interning once you've graduated.

Long Term
-Whatever your job description is, you'll get to do it in more detail. You'll gain confidence in the area you're working in and you'll get more opportunities because the company will trust you more, so therefore invite you to more events and include you in more things. They'll value your opinion more, the longer you're with the same team.

-You'll get a better idea of what it's like to do that role as a 'real job' because you'll be doing it every day. It will be a clearer idea of what it's like to work in industry, if you're working for longer than just a couple of weeks. You'll really start to feel like part of the team.

-There's more security. Like I mentioned in my first point, the company will trust you more, and value your opinion so they'll be less likely to get rid of you. If it was between someone that had been there just two weeks or you who had been there months they'd hopefully have more loyalty to you. Also if you're interning at the same company for 6 months to a year, there is more likely to be a contract put in place. 

-A longer placement looks great on your CV. It shows that you've stuck at something and you'd have a great idea of how to do that job. Especially if you interned as a design assistant and the job you were applying for was a design assistant. They'd know you'd have the right skills because you'd been doing it for a months!

In my placement year I've done 2 short term placements, and a long term internship. I've enjoyed both and It's been a great way for me to get experience in more than one area. I'm much clearer on what jobs I want to apply for once I graduate and I'm so incredibly glad I've had this opportunity. 

Whether you choose to do a short or long term internship depends on what you're hoping to gain from the experience, so I hope this post has helped! If you've managed to stick around to the en and you want to read a little more about my interning experiences then check out the posts below!

Have you interned or are you hoping to get some experience in industry? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

With Love; Em x

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