Winter Essentials

Thursday, 1 December 2016

For today's post I thought I'd talk you through my top 3 items for winter. My winter essentials, that I plan my outfits around this season and the pieces I'm gravitating towards a lot more now the cooler weather is upon us.

Big Jumpers (Jumper I'm wearing- shop here)
I'm trying to invest in a few more higher quality knits. I have no end of h&m knits that are great for a while then they bobble and look so old and tatty after a few washes. So this season I've just bought a couple of pieces that I'm hoping will stand the test of time. My favourite of my new purchases is this gorgeous grey knit from Zara. It's so thick and snuggly and perfect for winter. I absolutely love the sleeves, and the tie details makes this jumper a statement piece which makes such a change to the usual plain boring knits that are everywhere during winter.

Good Jacket or Coat
I have the loveliest black wool coat, it's almost like a relaxed tailored fit and it's gorgeous. I picked it up last year (also from Zara) and it's definitely the one I gravitate towards the most. It's comfortable and warm and pretty much perfect. My only problem is that it's not water proof, so I'm on the hunt for a nice waterproof coat. Anyway, my point is if you have a great wool coat all your outfits will look a bit more pulled together, thats why I love this one so much. If you're not a wool coat kinda person, how about a great leather jacket? This one is from Topshop about 2 years ago, I've honestly worn it to death and it's surprisingly warm. Especially with a chunky knit under it!

I have lived in these boots. I love that they have a little bit of a heel but not too high I'm 5'10 so I definitely don't need any more height. They're pointed and they're black leather which means they've worn incredibly well. But 2/3 years of wearing them pretty much every day and they're pretty much ready for the bin. They've served me well and have been the perfect companion for many many of my outfits. In fact if you check back through my posts, I guarantee 90% of my outfit photos are these boots. For me, boots are a go too. They're comfortable and you don't have to worry about standing in puddles. Find your signature shoe and invest in a really good pair, and they'll last you more than just one season!

What are your winter essentials?
With Love; Em x


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