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Monday, 5 December 2016

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Paris a couple of times now and it's hands down my favourite city.. with Rome in second place because I think I love croissants just a little more than I love pasta. But the whole aesthic and romantic feeling of Paris is what makes the city so attractive. So when I heard about Accor Hotels competition, write about 24 hours in your favourite city I thought I’d give it my best shot. 

The first time I went to Paris was for a long weekend with my family about 7 years ago, and then I went again in July as part of an internship. Both times I had the most amazing experience, and I’m absolutely dying to go back! So I’ll be pulling from my experiences of both those holidays and adding in a few more things I’d love to do, to tell you how I'd spend 24 hours in Paris.

9am: The first thing on my mind every day is breakfast, so the first thing I'd do once arriving in Paris is to find a cafe (an independent french cafe, not starbucks or anything like that) and indulge in delicious coffee and croissant or two three. Once my tummy is perfectly full I'd make my way to my first stop..

10am: I’m a huge art nerd, there’s nothing I love more than just wandering around an art gallery and taking in all the magnificent pieces of art. So the Louvre is on the top of my list. I understand that the Louvre is huge, and I don’t even think you could get though it in 24 hours never mind just a couple but just wandering around one or two of their galleries would be enough for me. Just to get my art fix.

2pm: After wandering around the louvre, I’d have a quick stroll around the grounds then head to have lunch at the Cafe Ruc, which is just outside the grounds of the Louvre. It's the loveliest little restaurant, whilst I was interning one of the models and her boyfriend who we were working with took me and the other Intern out for dinner there. It was so delicious we went back a couple of nights later!

3pm: After enjoying a delicious lunch near the Louvre I'd make my way to Angelina for dessert. Picking up some chocolate treats and one of their cakes, they are amazing. Whilst I'm tucking into my Angelina goodies I'd head towards Rue Cambon. As a fashion student, seeing the first Chanel Store was so lovely and something I'd recommend to any fashion fanatic. 

5pm: Just as it's getting dark I'd grab myself a Velib and cycle along the Siene towards the Eiffel Tower. We did this back in July and it was such an amazing experience, it really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I'd love to do it again, next time I go to Paris. The aim is that you start cycling while It's still light, so that you arrive at the Eiffel tower for when the lights turn on. I'd enjoy the views of the Eiffel tower whilst sipping on some bubbly. 

7pm: After taking in the views and enjoying a glass of wine I'd head somewhere close by to enjoy the views from a bit of a distance and eat some dinner and have another bottle of wine or two. Before heading back to my hotel.

So there we go, that's how I'd spend 24 hours in Paris! Accor Hotels are running this competition where you can be in with a chance of winning a 9 night stay for 2 across Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam! For more information just check the page here. There's not long left as you have to submit your post by the 7th December. So if you want to enter I'd get writing today! 


  1. This sounds fab! I adore Paris! x


    1. Aw thanks so much! I'm dying to go back!xx


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