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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Now that the colder months are well and truly upon us. I've been perusing ASOS much more frequently, looking for cosy knits and other winter necessities.

You see, my problem with dressing in the winter is I find that it's so easy to slip into the routine of just throwing on a basic jumper, jeans and boots and running out the door. Personally I think it's harder to make your outfits more interesting during the winter, especially in England when it's so cold and if it's not snowing it's probably raining so you need a waterproof coat with you. I love layering, don't get me wrong but I just find it much easier in summer to style my outfits to look more interesting. Maybe it's just me? Let me know.. So anyway, thats why I put this little wishlist together to pick out some more interesting pieces to try and spice up my usually boring winter wardrobe.

Okay, I know this is out of stock. But I had to put it in here. It's completely gorgeous, it look so snuggly and this gorgeous pale pink is the perfect colour to add something a bit brighter to my usual monochrome winter outfits.

These are lush, and I've been after a pair for what seems like forever. Styled with a big baggy jumper, a long tailored coat and either some cute loafers or some sock boots, so that the fraying just sits over the top of the boots would look gorgeous! Much more interesting than just pain old black jeans.

I love a good pair of ripped jeans. And I love that these jeans aren't frayed at the knees. They're frayed above the knee. Which I think means that they're ideal for winter because hopefully your coat will cover the holes so that your legs aren't getting cold!

Lets just talk about these for a second. How gorgeous and luxurious do these look?! I have a pair of pyjamas from ASOS in this style and they're gorgeous, so I know I'll love these. I'm so tempted to order these when my next wage comes in. They'd be so perfect for Christmas Morning! Opening presents in these gorgeous pyjama's!

I loved the military style of this jumper, super lovely and something a little different. I absolutely love Khaki green, I think it's one of the few colours that actually suits me. I think this paired with some trousers and some heels would look lovely for a smarter outfit!

What items are you lusting over for winter?

With Love; Em x

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