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Monday, 21 November 2016

A little about me before we get started, I'm in Huddersfield studying Fashion Design with Marketing and as part of our course we were given the option to take a placement year. So I'm currently interning at Charlotte Mills, which is coincidentally commutable from Huddersfield. So although many of my friends moved away for their placement, I'm still in Huddersfield in my adorable little studio flat.

So lets talk about the pro's and con's of living alone. I moved in to my studio in August earlier this year. So I've been here for about 3/4 months now. I love the flat, If it was a bit bigger it wouldn't hurt but for the most part I love it and it feels like home.

If you're like me, in the sense that you like your own company then it's great. I love coming in after a day at work and just being by myself. It sounds kinda sad I guess, but being able to do your own thing by yourself is sometimes just what you need.

There's no compromise. Compromise is needed in all relationships and friendships, of course. But when you're just living on your own, you can do as you please. Eat what and when you want, leave your things where you want etc etc. There's no-one to steal your snacks and fight over the remote so life is just a bit easier.

There's no one to judge you, hopefully you're not living with people that are mean and judging you all the time. But if you decide to eat flapjack for breakfast and you're in your pyjamas till 4 in the afternoon you can know for sure, that if you're living on your own there's no one to judge you.

You can get on with what you need to, if you need to do your work or if I want to get a blog post up by a certain date then living on my own gives me the ability to just sit down at my desk and work until I've completed the task. Without feeling guilty that I'm not spending time with my s.o or friends.

It can get a little lonely at times, for example this weekend. I was meant to go to stay at my friends on the saturday night, but the trains weren't running so I've been home instead. I worked from home on friday, did 2 4 hour shifts at my part time job, saturday and sunday and monday I'm off. So 4 days practically on your own, it can get a little lonely sometimes.

You'll only relate to this point if you're a blogger but having no-one to take you outfit photos is a real problem. It's the reason my content on here hasn't been as regular or consistent as usual. But I'm sure I'll figure something out!

Cooking for one. It's so hard, I cannot get portions right. Granted I always cook too much than not enough so living alone is just going to make me fat haha! Because there's only one of you, so it tends to take you longer to get through so many ingredients, which means you end up eating the same meal for a few nights in a row.

Overall, I do love living on my own. I love the freedom of being able to do what I want when I want. Everyone says you should live alone at least once in your life, so I'm really glad I'm doing that. I don't mean to get all soppy here but a lot changed in the short space of a couple of months. I started working part time, changed placements and moved into my flat on my own I feel like I've already grown up a lot since summer so I think this year will be good for me. 

If you're thinking about living on your own, I'd say do it! You'll learn a lot and it feels so good not to be dependent on anyone.  If you have any tips for living alone I'd love to know!

With Love; Em x


  1. I could imagine cooking way too much each evening and just gaining so much weight. I love this post x


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