2 Years & 24 Reasons

Monday, 14 November 2016

Back over summer, I came across this post on Miel and Mint, I absolutely loved the idea behind it and thought I'd do my own spin on it. So here we are Joshua, here are 24 reasons why you're my one, to celebrate our 2 years together. For everyone else, if you want a bit of cheese then stick with me if not I really won't be offended if you click off!

1. We were friends first. 
I feel like being your friend has made us an even stronger couple. I got to know you at school and you were 'the guy I sat next to in English Class'. In a way we had a lot to lose when we started seeing each other, because if it didn't work out we could have lost a lot, but thankfully it did and it's just made the foundation of our relationship stronger.

2. I am myself around you.
This is probably mainly due to the fact that we were friends for years before we became a couple but there are very few people I am totally myself around, and I'm so glad that you're one of them. You are yourself around me too, and for that I am totally grateful. We both have flaws but the fact we accept each other for who we are, scars and all makes us stronger.

3. We have different hobbies and interests.
Don't get me wrong there's an overlap, which is great but for the most part we tend to enjoy different things. Sometimes we struggle to choose a film that we'll both enjoy (I always tend to win, thanks babe) and don't even get me started on how our music tastes differ. But thats what keeps things interesting. We introduce each other to things that we might not have tried otherwise and it means that we're not always doing the same things.

4. How you look in the morning
Don't get me wrong I love how you look all the time, but when your hair is such a mess and your eyes are all sleepy and not open properly you look absolutely adorable. 

5. Our Families.
No-ones family is perfect, and I love that I can talk to you when I'm feeling down about mine. We both have divorced parents and although thats not uncommon nowadays most of my friends parents are still together. So you being their to talk to is so important for me, and I think it's one of the reasons we became such good friends in the first place, because you understood and you always listened.

6. You make a fantastic curry.
If you wanted a spaghetti bolengnes or a roast dinner I'm your gal, but if you're in the mood for something a little spicier then josh's curries are for you. You make the best curries, and you never use a recipe which always kinda amazes me, and you're so cute when you cook.

7. Trust.
It's a big one for me, and for you I think. To say that I completely trust you is huge and just shows how strong I think we are. 

8. <3 <3 
I don't care how gay it is, but I love that after how many years we still end our texts with two heart emojis. I think it started way back in year 10 which was 6 years ago?! Which is mental. It would make so incredibly happy if we're in our 40's texting about who's picking the kids up from school with 2 heart emojis at the end of our texts. And I don't even care about how gay that sounds.

9. You know how to help when I have a migraine.
When I'm ill or if I've got a migraine the first thing I want is you to be here with me. You know what I need to feel better and you'll do anything to help even if I disagree. Like when I argue with you for an hour about how I don't need a cold cloth on my head, then as soon as I cave and let you, I tell you that it's nice and I already feel a bit better. And I love that you're so understanding, because I know that it must really suck when you come down/ I come up for the weekend and all I want to do is lie in a dark quiet room and sleep for 24 hours. So thank you for being so patient.

10.  We both want to travel.
This is one of the interests that we both share, we'd love to take a year off and just go and see the world. If in reality that doesn't happen then we have our whole lives ahead of us and we'll see the world a few holidays at a time. I love that I'm with someone that wants to visit the same places and experience new things just like I do.

11. I love that you try and teach me things
It's really cute that if you learn something on your course, that you think I'll find interesting you'll share it with me. And if it's something I don't quite understand you'll explain it, I think it's really nice and you do it without being condescending. 

12. That I can tell you anything
You've always been the person that I can tell absolutely anything too, and I don't see that changing any time soon. It means the world that you've always been there, and to know that you always will. 

13. That certain songs remind us of some of our most special moments.
I guess this point doesn't need much explaining. And I bet almost every couple has their own songs etc, but the fact that if these songs come up on the radio or in a club and when you give me that look that just says 'hey, I remember ..' makes my heart flutter. 

14. That you put up with me when I freak out about Travelling
You see, the thing with me is that unless I've been somewhere before, and I know exactly where I'm going I'll freak out. I like to have google maps on and completely plan my route, go over it a million times to make sure I'm right. For example, we went to the trafford centre a couple of weeks ago, and whilst we were on the (right) bus to the Trafford Centre I was flicking between google maps and the bus route to make sure we didn't miss our stop and get lost in the middle of manchester. Sounds stupid but it means the world that you don't tell me I'm being stupid, because you know it keeps me calm.

15. Supportive
Although when we're back in Derbyshire we live 10 minutes away from each other, at uni we're long distance. Uni first and second year were hard enough, but with me interning and working part time at the moment it's been a struggle. So I just want to say thank you for being so supportive, sticking by me these past 5 months whilst I've been working around the clock. 

16. I love that you let me wake you up in the morning
Generally speaking, I'm an early bird. I like making the most of my mornings, and Josh likes a good lie in. And no matter how tired he is, I love that he lets me wake him up in the morning, he'll have a chat with me and we'll have our morning cuddles.

17. I love that you understand that we can't cuddle as much when I have makeup on
The most irritating thing is when you've spent ages doing your makeup, perfecting your brow game. To then have a cuddle and suddenly my brow is on his shirt and I have to start over. So the fact you understand this is pretty cool.

18. I love that you let me cry
I think this was probably the biggest shock for you when we got together, how much and often I have a little cry. I'm a mega emotional person, so literally anything can set me off. I love that you put up with my mini meltdowns and if things are getting too much and I'm having a good cry, you'll give me a cuddle and order me chinese. 

19. You're my best friend
I have my main gals, don't get me wrong I love them to bits. But you get me like no-one else does. The fact that we were friends first, for years before me and you became 'us' means that we're such a strong couple and you know me better than anyone else.

20. You're pretty smart
I touched on this earlier, but you're always teaching me things. The fact you're doing Marine Biology at Uni is pretty awesome, I could never do that. And you have great common sense, something which I think we both know I severely lack..

21. You think the world of me
The fact that you're so supportive of whatever I do, that you think I'm pretty when I have no makeup on and I'm lounging around in my comfies. That you're proud of me, for interning and working and blogging. I think you're the only person in the world that reads every single blog post. It means the world that you love me so much. 

22. That you listen
Anyone that knows me, even a little bit will know I love a good rant. The fact that you'll just shut up and listen till it's out my system means the world. And you actually listen, like you don't drift off thinking about something else. (I may be guilty of this..) 

23. We can talk about our future together
I love that we can talk about where we want to go over summer, or our plans for when we graduate uni. Whether it's 1 year in the future or 5, I love that we can have that conversation. I know that the future can change, and we're still very young but to have someone that I can make plans with is completely wonderful.

24. You're the kindest most down to earth person I have ever met.
You have a heart of gold, not a bad bone in your body. This is my absolute most favourite thing about you. Its what makes you, you. It's what makes it so easy to trust you and rely on you. And probably the reason I love you most. 

So there we go, 24 reasons why I love you so much. Happy 2 years Josh. If anyone other than Josh made it to the end then I'm incredibly surprised, well done! But there we go, 1759 words of pure cheese. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday, we'll be spending ours drinking wine and eating chocolates in bed.

With Love;
Em x


  1. This is the sweetest thing I've read today, I want to write one of these! <3

    1. Aw thank you sophie! That means so much! xxx

  2. This is the loveliest idea and has made my heart happy! I may take up your idea and write things about Dan hehe :) xx

    Jessie 🎀 allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Aw thank you so much Jessie! I was worried people would think it was too soppy! xxxxx


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