How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Space

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I moved into my new flat a couple of months ago, I'm currently living in a lovely little studio apartment over looking a park. It's completely idyllic, way to expensive and absolutely tiny but it's perfect for me whilst I'm interning this year. When I moved all my stuff into my new flat, I found that I really needed to make the most out of the space I had so I thought I'd share with you some of my top tips for making the most out of a small space!

Make The Most Out Of The Height 
My little flat is in a lovely georgian town house, overlooking a park in huddersfield. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I love it there, especially now I have everything as I want it. I knew I wanted a bookcase from a couple of days of living there, I wasn’t making the best use out of the left wall and I needed more storage. This bookshelf from ikea was only £35 and it’s a really tall one, so it makes good use of my tall ceilings. It means I can cram lots of bits and bobs in, without the bottom third of the flat looking really busy. If I was allowed to hang photographs and art up on my walls then I’d make good use of high ceilings and fill some of the empty walls with some framed pieces.

Keep The Windows Free
The main thing that attached me to this flat was the windows. As you can see from the photos there are these 4 gorgeous floor to celling windows at the front of my flat which really make the place seem a lot bigger and feel more open than it is. Originally I was considering having my dressing table in the centre of the windows, for the best natural light. But it really closed the room off and It wasn’t making the most of the space. So instead I put my dressing table to the left, which really opens up the room. My tip is to keep your windows as open as possible, don’t cover them with heavy/fussy curtains, and don’t block the light by putting furniture in front of them!

Make The Most Of The Built In Storage
Luckily my flat came with a lot of storage for a small studio. I have a built in wardrobe, with cupboards underneath and my bed is built into the wall, so all underneath I have a lot of space to put my bits and bobs. Unfortunately the Kitchen is very small, with little worktops and not as many cupboards as I’d like. Which has resulted in my microwave being on the tv stand, next to the kitchen.. It sounds and looks ridiculous but there really isn’t anywhere else to put it. There are other little hacks for storage as well. For example: Buy a set of draws to slid under your desk/dressing table so you have extra space to store things but you’re not taking up anymore floor space. Or storing your suitcases under your bed but filling them first! So, I have my summer clothes packed away in my bigger suitcase thats tucked up under my bed. I use that suitcase a lot less than my smaller one, so I don’t have to get to it as much!

Do you have any tips for making the most out of a smaller space? I’d really love to know! 

With Love; Em x


  1. Your flat is so lovely and I really think you have made such good use of the space you have! I have such a small bedroom, so it's always been such a struggle to make the most of the space I do have. But these tips are so helpful xx

    Lauren |

    1. Hi Lauren, Thankyou so much! My bedroom back home is so small so believe me I know the struggle! I'm glad you liked the post! xx

  2. Your place looks so cute! I've definitely maxed out the space I have in my room, and no doubt I will when I move out! xx


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