How To Feel Better After A Bad Day

Saturday, 22 October 2016

I’ve been off my blogging game recently, I feel like my life’s been a bit up and down at the moment. As soon as I’m feeling like everything is all under control something comes up and sends it all out of whack again. With me being a bit of a control freak it’s been a struggle, to put it lightly. So recently, there have been more bad days, than good ones. But, that’s okay I’m dealing, and in todays post I’m giving you my top tips..

Gather Your Favourite Things And Get Into Bed
Bed is a wonderful place to be, it’s comfy, warm and safe. Get all cosy with a hot water bottle, your favourite snack and put your favourite film on. Sometimes you just need to wallow in your sadness. Spend an hour or two feeling sorry for yourself in bed, get it out your system so you can move on tomorrow morning.

Have A Good Cry
If there was an award for the person that cries the most, I would be in with a good chance of winning. Anything and everything can set me off. Josh and Katie can definitely vouch for me on this one.. A sad advert, a good book, films, someone being nice, someone being not so nice. The list is endless. And when I’m feeling crappy and overwhelmed with life, my first instinct is to cry. And for me, the worst thing to do is hold it in. Lets rewind to last week, I popped home to deal with some family things and after having a stressful few days going here there and everywhere, 10 minutes before my mum was due to pick me up to take me back to the train station (so I could come back to Huddersfield) I realised I left my brand new handbag at the pub. Turns out that it had been handed in, so we ran to pick it up and everything was fine. But all of the stuff over the past couple of days just got on top of me, and I was sat on the floor in a puddle of my own tears for a good half an hour. After my mini meltdown I felt a million times better, so the moral of the story is.. just let it all out, have a good cry! 

Be Productive
Sometimes all I need to snap me out of a bad day is to write a list of all the things I want to do over the next couple of days and get started on it. Whether it’s sitting down to write a blog post or clean the flat. If I cross one or two things off my list, I feel much much better about all the other things I need to do, and forget about what made me upset in the first place.

Get Some Fresh Air 
I’m lucky enough to live opposite a gorgeous park, so if ever I’m feeling crappy I can pop out for some fresh air. Whether it’s walking to your local shop or visiting your local park, getting out to get some fresh air, is a great way to feel a bit better.

Talk To Someone About It
Explain how your feeling to someone, your significant other, your best friend or a family member. They say, a problem shared is problem halved. And it’s definitely true, explaining how you feel to someone that cares really helps lift a weight of your shoulders and should make you feel better!

About The Outfit:
My Mum, Nana, Josh and I went out shopping last Friday afternoon to explore the new Primark that opened at Fosse Park and oh boy were we pleasantly surprised. Generally speaking shopping in Primark stresses me out, there are always too many people and the shops are always so packed and not very well organised. But this new shop was laid out fantastically. I managed to find two lovely jumpers, this gorgeous soft pink one for £6! And the same but in a burnt orange colour. I also picked up this gorgeous skirt for £8 as well as some other bits. I styled these new pieces with some tights and my ASOS loafers which I've finally worn in, and my good old Topshop Leather Jacket. Me and Josh were home last weekend for my brothers birthday, we went out for a walk around the village for an hour on the Saturday Morning and it was so lovely just to have some 'us' time in a busy weekend. 

If you have any top tips for feeling better after a bad day then I’d really love to know..

With Love; Em x


  1. Crying is the best way to let it out, no matter how ugly you look! x

  2. Love this - such fab tips! x

  3. Great post - definitely some tips I'm going to hold onto for next time I'm having a bad day!


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