Top Tips For Living With A Group of Girls at University

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

With September on it's way I thought I'd write a little something about my experience living with 5 other girls for a year, and what little tips I have to try and make everyones life a bit easier. It's inevitable that with 6 girls under one roof, hormones, stress and uni deadlines looming there's bound to be tension and bickering here and there. Personalities can clash and the little things can get blown way out of proportion. And on the other hand, you'll have so much fun and so many laughs. Staying up late doing facemasks watching chick flicks with a takeaway. But on with the tips.

Bite your tongue.
It's the simplest thing in the world to do, but it will honestly save so many arguments. If somethings driving you mad, sleep on it and if it's still bothering you in the morning calmly talk about it. It's easier said than done, I know on multiple occasions that I should have just bit my tongue and not said anything.

Set up some simple rules
Like write down on a list who buys the toilet roll each time so that you can all take it in turns, or decide you'll all do the washing up and cleaning together every night or that you'll wash up and clean up after yourselves, otherwise when someone goes home for a few days and leaves all their dirty pots on the side it will be really irritating. Or that might just be me?

Talk about it
If theres a problem or an issue, speak to them about it, face to face. We're all so attached to our phone that its so easy to just drop a message or put something in the group chat but everything goes down much better if you talk about it in person.

Cut everyone slack around deadlines
Luckily 3 of us out of the 6 in my house were on the same course, so we had the same deadlines. So when it came to us leaving our sketchbooks and uni work out everywhere we were all a bit more understanding. Same with the fact that our pots spent a couple more days on the work top than usual. Everyone is so stressed around deadlines, and honestly thats mainly when the arguments happened so just try your best to keep calm and hopefully you'll make it through deadline week alive.

Make an effort to go out
When you all live together it can be so easy to stay in every Friday night and not bother going out to socialise, especially when you're all broke. But on the occasions we did make it out the house for 2 4 1 cocktails or a day out, it was lovely.

At the end of the day, whilst your at uni you're going to meet all types of people. Who you chose to live with is a massive decision and although it's only for a year or two it can really affect your day to day life. Everyone in the house didn't get on all the time, but we're all totally different people and with hormones and stress floating round the house it's inevitable that we bickered. I'm glad that I lived with the girls I did, I learnt a hell of a lot over the past year, and I started to feel a bit more like myself. It was much much more fun than living in halls and it felt more like home. 

If you're going to be starting university in September then I wish you luck, you'll have an amazing time and make memories that will last you a lifetime.

With Love;
Em x


  1. Loved this post - I moved in with another 5 girls in second year and it was probably the worst year of my life haha. I hated every minute but you're so right that you need to think carefully about who you live with. I learnt that the hard way unfortunately! xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Aw Thanks Jessie! yeah it's so true, I don't necessarily regret living with the girls but I'm definitely happier living on my own now. So much less drama! xxx


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