Top Tips for Finding Your Personal Style

Saturday, 6 August 2016

For todays post I thought I'd talk a little about Personal Style, more specifically how to find it. So here are my top 5 tips...

Find Inspiration
In order for you to find your own style, you need to look around and see what other peoples styles are, and what bits stand out to you. A great place to do this is Pinterest, you can see loads of photos of outfits and snippets of what people are wearing, and then look on the recommended pins section for photographs similar. Save all the ones you like to a board and you should see some key items or styles that are repeated. This will definitely help you find your theme for your personal style.

Find Your Favourite Key Pieces
What items are you drawn to? Which pieces do you always pick up in the shops. Once you've found a general theme to what you like see what items keep cropping up. So for example, I'd describe my style as quite effortless, I definitely go for quality over quantity and I tend to favour tailored, smarter pieces over anything too baggy and shapeless. So for me some of my key pieces are blazers or smarter jackets, like this long grey trench-esque jacket here. Simple LBD's, Jeans, White T-Shirts, Shirts and Blouses and Black Tailored Trousers. Have a shop around, try lots on and find items that fit you well, and start to build your wardrobe around these pieces.

Find What Colours Suit You
I know that anything thats too bright really doesn't suit me, I can't wear yellow, orange, turquoise or bright pink. So that leaves me with the more muted colours. Pretty much everyone can pull of Black, Grey and White, so they're a safe bet. I know that Khaki is quite flattering with my colouring, and pinky nudes, navy blue and lilac can work quite well. If you're a gal that can work the brighter colours then go for it and do it with confidence! But for me, I feel much much nicer in muted, softer colours. 

Pick Your Favourite Of The Latest Trends And Incorporate Them
I've always loved fashion, with studying fashion, blogging and following lots of people from all aspects of the industry on social media, it's hard to not keep up to date with the trends. I find it so interesting seeing whats coming in and out of fashion. But I rarely invest in a trend unless I truly love it. I love the lace up trend I've got a few pieces from that, I'm still into the whole slip/pyjama dressing trend, and I'm totally digging the bardot top trend for this summer, (see how I styled that here). But be picky and just choose a couple of affordable items to work into your wardrobe. Otherwise you'll find that your whole wardrobe will date so quickly.

Only Wear What You Feel Comfortable and Confident In
This is a lesson that now I've learnt I'll never forget. Dress for your body type. Unfortunately there are so many lovely little strappy tops and pretty triangle lace bra's that I'm dying to wear, but I know my gals need more support and I can very rarely go braless so I need to dress to accommodate that. I feel so much more confident knowing that I'm dressing for my body rather than trying to wear something thats just not working for me. 

About The Outfit:
I kept it simple for todays post, styling this little black slip dress with this gorgeous grey trench-esque jacket. I styled it up with these beautiful lace up sandals and a clutch bag. I think this is a great outfit to throw on before heading out for cocktails with the girls. Also if your in the market for some new summer sandals definitely check these ones out they're super comfy!

How would you describe your personal style?

With Love; Em x

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