Tips For Making A Great Creative CV

Thursday, 18 August 2016

I'm currently in my 3rd month of my placement year, I've interned at 3 different companies and I'll be at my current internship till Christmas. I've done 3 completely different placements, and I've had my fair share of long nights spent applying to absolutely loads of internships. So in todays post I thought I'd talk to you about my top tips for making a wonderful creative CV. When you're hoping to break into the creative industry it's so important to stand out, especially when you're applying for internships. Companies will have so many applications, it's important that when they see your CV it catches their attention and actually makes them read past those first few sentences. 

So here are the tips!

1. Research and Find a Theme
Etsy and Pinterest are probably your best bet, have a browse through and see what templates stand out, whether you prefer something more colourful or something more minimal. Just remember, that if you go for something more minimal you run the risk of it just looking like a plain old word document. So for my CV for example, I wanted something with a bit of pink on, I wanted a side bar to pop my skills and social media links in, as well as the main body of the CV to be white so that the text is easy to read. I found a few themes similar and then took to photoshop to start building the template.

2. Make Sure You Have The Basics
So now you've got your theme you need to ensure that you have all the vital information thats necessary for your CV. So you'll need: Introduction, Experience, Education, Skills, Contact Details. And if you have a link to an online profile that would be great to add in. As well as your blog if you have one! At first I was a little hesitant to pop this on my CV but it's my biggest hobby, it takes up so much of my time and I put so much effort and energy into it so why shouldn't I be proud of it? I also recommend that you put a couple of photographs in there, but that takes us onto my next tip...

3. Photos
For a standard CV for a job not in the creative industry I'd say this point isn't so applicable. But I think with the creative industry being so visual it's important to include some images, I think one of yourself is key. To show potential employers what you look like, how you present yourself etc.. As well as some images of your work, images from your portfolio or maybe some screenshots of your blog. Anything to give them a better indication of what work you do and to help showcase your skills. 

4. Make It Personal- Add Your Social Media
This is totally personal preference, but I take so much pride in my social media accounts, especially my instagram. My social media feeds are mainly blog related so there's nothing I wouldn't want potential employers to see. It's completely up to you but I think it makes a nice addition to your CV. 

5. Make Sure It's Applicable To Your Career
This is so important, don't add things that are irrelevant. Only put the skills that are going to be applicable to this job specification. When I'm applying for Marketing and PR Internships they're not going care that I make a great chocolate cake. Also bare this in mind when you're choosing your theme, just make sure it has the right feel to it. 

Let me know what tips and tricks you have to make your CV stand out, I'd love to know.

With Love; Em x

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