The Types Of Blog Posts I Love To Read

Monday, 22 August 2016

I don't really know what my intention is with this blog post, it's definitely going to be more of a ramble. So I'd suggest grabbing a cuppa before you continue reading. I thought this would be an interesting read, for some people maybe. So here's just what sort of blog posts I personally love to read, and what makes me click on a blog post. 

Photography is probably the first thing that makes me click on a blog post. I'm a really creative person, so photography is really important to me. I try my best to put up decent photography on my own blog, but compared to some people my photography is shocking haha. I absolutely love Lydia Elise Millen's photography, it's always so crisp and white. I love gorgeous photographs showing off the persons outfit or amazing flat lays. Whatever the subject is, if it's been taken well I'll usually click on your post. 

I love coming away from a blog post, thinking I've learnt something or I'm inspired so any how to posts, top tips or anything like that I'm a sucker for. If I think I'll be able to improve my blog or an element of my life then I definitely read those posts. Thrifts and Threads do some lovely blogging tips posts, and I stumble across so many on twitter. 

Beauty Launch posts are also another one of my favourites, especially hughstreet products because as much as I'm lusting over some Chanel and Armani makeup, my bank account says a firm no on that. The new Kate Moss lipsticks look super lovely, and I'm dying to try them. 

This last point is probably because I'm a nosey little bugger but I love reading update posts, especially with bloggers that I've followed for years. Seeing what's new in their lives. Whether they're updating the blog or newness in their personal life, like they've recently got engaged or popped a kid out. I love this type of post, they're so easy to read. 

I hope that no-one's taken offence by this post, this is just my personal preference when it comes to what I enjoy reading the most. What sort of blog posts, do you like reading the most?

With Love; 
Em x

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