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Sunday, 7 August 2016

I don't read as often as I like too but when I do, I tend to gravitate towards Santa Monetfiore. Her books are so easy to read and have such wonderful storylines. I must have read about 8 or 9 of her books so far, I took 4 with me on holiday last year and read all 4 in 2 weeks, they're that good! So for todays post I'm talking you through my 3 favourite books. So if you're wondering what to read next you should definitely keep reading.

What I love most about Montefiore's books is that its impossible to get bored. The books follow two stories all the way through, set usually decades apart and they'll most likely link at the end of the book so with it changing from one time to another part way through the book it really keeps you on your toes. I also love where her books are set, almost always somewhere on the coast and usually somewhere exotic, they always get me ready and raring to hop on a plane. Below I've put the synopsis for each book because they give you a sense of what the books about in a much better way then I ever could. I'm a sucker for giving too much away.. 

The French Gardener

"Perhaps every marriage, every family, needs a French gardener...

Miranda and David move out of London into a beautiful country house with a magical garden. But Miranda insists on tottering across the wet lawn in kitten heels, David is never there, and the children won’t tear themselves away from the telly.

Then an enigmatic Frenchman arrives. With the wisdom of nature he slowly begins to heal the past and the present. But who is he? His secret lies in the deepest recesses of the garden, for a garden, like love itself, can restore the human spirit not just season after season, but generation after generation.

Santa Montefiore’s latest novel marks a new departure for this gifted writer. It celebrates the seductive beauty of the English countryside and the restorative powers of nature. Best of all, it offers the reader an epic love story at the heart of a novel of family life and the conflict between duty and desire."

Meet Me Under The Ombu Tree

"Sofia Solanas grows up on a magnificent ranch in the middle of the Argentine pampa, amid the grand traditions of the Argentine nobility and the mysticism of the native gauchos. Spoilt, wilful, resourceful and proud, Sofia is loved by all around her. All, that is, except her Irish mother, Anna, who punishes her daughter for her own sense of alienation and inadequacy while doting on her sons. Then Sofia embarks on a passionate love affair that can only bring shame upon the family. When Anna discovers the relationship, she is horrified and sends Sofia away to Europe, inadvertently exiling her from her family and the man she loves for over twenty years. And then a family tragedy calls Sofia home.

Following the story of the Solanas family in Argentina during the tumultuous years of political upheaval, and Sofia’s life as an exile, Meet Me Under The Ombu Tree is a moving, evocative and unforgettable story of love and forgiveness from a brilliant new voice."

The Affair 

"Have you ever been tempted?

When does attraction become temptation?

When does temptation become compulsion?

Happily married with two small children and a circle of devoted friends, Angelica knows she should be grateful. But then she meets a charismatic South African who flirts with her and makes her feel beautiful. What starts as a long distance friendship grows into something deeper and soon she longs for his emails.

From the glamorous streets of London to the lush vineyards of South Africa, Angelica chases a dream that risks the very things she holds dear. Yet, the dream is flawed and a moment of savage violence flings her and Jack together only to rip them apart. With life refined down to its bare essence, Angelica learns that what Fate takes with one hand, it gives with the other."

Have you ever read any of Santa Montefiore's books if you have I'd love to know which ones!

With Love; Em x

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