Quick and Easy Healthy Pancake Recipe

Monday, 8 August 2016

Breakfast/Brunch is definitely my favourite meal of the day, and one of my favourite breakfast foods is pancakes. They're so delicious and filling. They can just be a tiny bit time consuming and it's not practical to make pancakes every morning for breakfast. 

So here I've got a super simple, delicious and really fast banana pancake recipe for you and it only uses two ingredients!

Optional: Honey and Strawberries for the Topping.

1. Mash up your banana, the longer you spend getting it into a really smooth paste, the less lumpy your pancakes will be!
2. Crack and Egg into the bowl with the banana in and whisk them together.
3. Pop some butter into a frying pan and heat it up on a medium to high heat.
4. Put your mixture into a frying pan and cook your delicious pancakes! They usually take about 2/3 minutes each side.

(1 Banana and 1 Egg make about two small pancakes, so when I made them this morning I used 2 of each, which was plenty it definitely kept me full up way past lunch!)

So there you go, one super simple and delicious breakfast recipe! If you try this out then I'd love to see your creations, tag me on twitter @EmjaneMac or on Instagram @tasselsandtoiles

With Love; Em x

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