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Friday, 26 August 2016

I've had such a lovely day today, Fridays are usually my day off, so I didn't have to set an alarm. I woke up at 7 anyway but it was nice knowing I could stay in bed for a little longer if I wanted. I took my time getting ready, and then headed off to Leeds for a few hours. I needed to pick up my handbag from Zara for Josh's mum's wedding, which is next weekend! And a few other bits and bobs. I treated myself to a green smoothie and some sushi and wandered around the shops and really enjoyed myself. So here's what I picked up:

Sleek Palette: I'm wearing a Lilac/Grey dress for the wedding, so I'm wanting to do a warm grey(ish) toned eye look, with maybe little hints of gold or something. I really don't suit cooler tones so I thought this palette would be perfect. Also how gorgeous is the copper shade in the bottom corner? I also picked up some falsies, too add a little omph to the look. I went for 3/4's so that they wouldn't be to in your face, if you know what I mean? I had also ran out of my eyebrow kit and cleanse and polish so I decided to re-buy those too! I've also picked up a silver/purple toned leave in conditioner, for my hair. I went to the hairdressers last night to get my hair redone, so I picked that up there. And also a highlighter from Makeup Revolution which I completely forgot to add into the photograph!

I think it's really important every now and then to have a day where you dedicate it to treating yourself and indulging in a little me time. Whether it's heading out shopping on your own, or getting your nails done, or having a little pamper session at home. I've spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning my makeup brushes and having a little sort out in the flat. For the past few months I've been really good with not spending on makeup and clothes and stuff, so it was nice to treat myself a little today. Especially because I've worked hard to earn this money!

What are your most recent beauty buys?

With Love; Em x

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