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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Today I thought I'd talk you through my favourite makeup brushes, there are quite a mix some branded some not, I'll link as many as possible below!

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Pink Eyeshadow Brush
I'll start with my absolute favourite brush, the pink eyeshadow brush. This was a Christmas present about 8 years ago, it was part of my first ever set of makeup brushes. I believe it's a NO7 brush, but I'm not 100% sure. I love this particular brush so much because it's so soft, it's honestly got better with time. It applies eyeshadows so evenly. Regardless of the quality of the shadow the application is still great. It's been wash so many times, and only sheds very occasionally but for how long and how well used it is, a little bit of shedding is fine with me!

Black Eyeshadow Brush
Next I'll talk you through this little black one, I love to use this to pop eyeshadow in my crease, it's super little and really gets in there. It's also great for putting a highlighting shade in your inner corners and under your brows. It's not the best quality makeup brush, I think it was from a gift set in new look, but I haven't found a brush of better quality thats the same shape and density as this one. So for now it will do! But if you have one that looks similar then please let me know the brand/name I'd love to know!

real techniques makeup brushes

flatlay beauty blogger

Real Techniques Brushes
I'm a total convert to the real techniques brushes, I think they're such amazing quality and so easy to use! I especially love the bold metals range. Not only are they totally instagrammable, but they're SO soft and apply your makeup wonderfully. My particular favourites are the highlighter brush and the eyeshadow brush. If i'm in a bit of rush then these are my go to brushes, swipe the product on and you're done. I've mentioned this little pink highlighter brush(similar) in a previous post, but if you missed that then here's why I love it: Like the rose gold beauty, this brush is also super soft, a very similar shape but just a bit smaller. It applies highlighter great, but what I prefer to use it for is to buff in my concealer! I'm always popping this in my makeup bag to take with me on my travels, it's the perfect all-rounder brush.

Black Angled Brush
I'm pretty sure this brush is like 1.99 from bodycare. It's so thin and sturdy making it the perfect brush to apply my gel product for my eyebrows. It picks up product great and it's thin enough to get a sharp line, and at only 1.99 it's a bargain! My only issue with this brush is that because it's so cheap the end can come loose sometimes, with my first one it completely came off, so I just repurchased it. If you're wanting something a bit better quality then this one might not be for you, but I think it's just such a bargain you can't go wrong!

I don't own hundreds of makeup brushes, but out of my collection these are definitely my favourites, at the moment anyway! What are your favourite makeup brushes?

With Love; Em x

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