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Saturday, 13 August 2016

I've been been on placement since the 6th June, I've interned at 3 different companies and it hasn't gone to plan at all. Which in hindsight I'm so grateful for, but I thought that now I'm at a point where I'm pretty settled and it would be really interesting for me to look back on in 6 months time. 

In June I started as a studio intern at a small design label in Huddersfield, I thought I'd be helping with some designing, doing a bit of social media and marketing for the brand and lending a hand in all areas really. But that wasn't the case, I was pressing garments, cutting out and packing garments pretty much all day every day. I didn't hate it there, I just didn't love it. I found it really hard to be motivated and put in 110% because the work wasn't interesting to me. I met some lovely people, but just having that experience made me realise that I know I'm not made to work in a studio environment and I just work more productively else where.

Two weeks after I started at my first placement, I was then incredibly lucky enough to be whisked off to London and Paris with Temperley for a 4 week wholesale internship. The team were so incredibly lovely and I met the most lovely intern Freya. Me and Freya really hit it off and I'm so glad, we shared a hotel room in Paris and were working incredibly long days but being with someone that I had a lot in common with made it all so much nicer. I learnt so much at Temperley and I got to see a little bit of Paris in the evenings which was amazing.

When I finished at Temperley I got applying to a few more internships, here there and everywhere. I was lucky enough to be accepted as a PR and Marketing Intern at Charlotte Mills, a new brand that specialises in bridal footwear, but have recently expanded into ready to wear. I started at Charlotte Mills on Monday and I've only been there a week but I completely love it. I feel so much happier there, doing something I'm so genuinely interested in. The girls there are so nice and the office is absolutely gorgeous, it's all pink and incredibly girly.

I honestly feel like I haven't stopped since easter, my last term at university was manic, I handed in all my work middle of may, then started my part time job at the end of may, then started my first placement in June. I can't remember the last time I had a day off, I intern 4 days a week then I work 2/3 days part time. I'm honestly exhausted. August in particular has been crazy, I'm moving house in a week and I haven't even started to pack, I've started a new placement and this was the month I decided to blog every single day! I know that it will all be worth it in the long run and interning at all these companies has taught me so much. 

I'm so grateful for all these opportunities, I've met the nicest people and I feel like I've got such a better insight to the working world of fashion. If you're thinking of interning and have any questions feel free to pop them in a comment below or tweet me @EmjaneMac or you can email me

I was featured on theintern247 where I took part in a little interview, so have a read of that if you want a few more details.

I hope you found this interesting, it's definitely more of a brain fart post than anything else. If you want to read something more structured then theres Top Tips for Interning or theres Making The Most Of Working Abroad 

With Love;
Em x

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