How To Make Your Uni Room Feel Like Home

Thursday, 4 August 2016

I'm sure many of you will be heading off to University in September, whether its for your first year, or if you're going back for another year of your degree. Which means that you'll probably be gathering things together for moving house. I'm moving into a studio apartment in a few weeks and before I start to pack up and make a gigantic mess I'd quickly take some snaps of my room and give you a few tips and tricks for how to make your room away at University feel like home.

1. Photos
Fill your room with photos of your family, friends, your significant other, pets. Literally anything and everything that makes you happy. And I'd suggest putting them in frames, I know that when you have a million other things to buy like pots and pans for the kitchen and all that sort of stuff photo frames won't be at the top of your list but you'll find photo frames for a couple of pounds at places like Primark and Wilko and it's totally worth it. 

2. Nice Comfy Bedding and Lots of Cushions
Primark home has been my best friend this year, I bought, this new bedding set as well as a few cushions. They're so affordable from Primark, I totally don't mind paying £4 for a cushion and the inner cushion. £20 from Next Home not so much.. When you're spent a long day at uni it's honestly the best feeling ever climbing into a nice comfy bed.

3. Buy A Nice Smelling Fabric Conditioner
This may sound like a bit of an odd one, but if you stick using the same conditioner all year round, you'll soon get used to that smell. And when you come back to your uni house after a weekend away that smell of your fabric conditioner in your bedding will be so comforting. 

4. Ornaments and Decorative Bits and Bobs
Theres nothing worse than empty window sills and shelfs. A room full of knick knacks is super homely. So get raiding primark home, and the sainsburys home department has some real gems especially in the sales! Also invest in a rug, now I have one (it was only £10 from Ikea) I can't imagine my room without it, it look so empty and bare.

5. Create An Inspiring Work Space
You need an area in your room where you'll be able to work and concentrate without getting to easily distracted and feeling un motivated. Theres nothing worse than an empty desk with nothing but a lamp on.

I'd love to know what your tips and tricks are for feeling at home whilst you're at Uni. 

With Love; Em x


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