5 Things I'm Glad I Invested In

Sunday, 21 August 2016

I thought that I'd have a think about a few things that I'm really glad I splurged on. The items, or pieces that have served me well and I think are worth the money.

Olympus Pen
Firstly it's an amazing camera, It's small enough for me to pop in my handbag, and I love that you can buy different lenses for it. The camera is easy enough to use, and It's gorgeous. This camera was totally worth the splurge.

Macbook Pro
I bought this before I went to uni and I'm so glad I did. It's perfect for what I need it for, it's easy to use and it's light enough for me to carry it to work and back.

Liz Earle
The Cleanse and Polish and just the liz earle range in general is something I'm so glad I splurged on. It's done my skin so much good, even josh has said that my skin has improved since I started using it. Skincare is definitely something that I'll invest in again, now I know the wonders it can do.

Zara Coat
£80 for a coat isn't outrageous, but it's not cheap either. I bought a black tailored wool coat from Zara last winter and I'm so glad I did, it's honestly such a gorgeous coat and it really pulls together any outfit. If you're wanting to invest in a coat that's going to last then I'd definitely suggest Zara. I've worn mine to death, and in all weather conditions and it still looks like new. I can wear this coat with a dress from primark and my outfit will instantly look more expensive.

Home Decor:
Whether it's bedding, cushions, a photo frame for £15 or some scented candles if it makes your place feel like home you should do it. I didn't feel at home in my first year at uni because I hated my room, it didn't feel like me. I'm so much happier I'm my new place now it's full of photos of my family and all these silly little decorative bits.
(Here's a post all about making your house feel like a home)

NARS Foundation and Concealer
I'm not one to spend £40 on a mascara or however much on an eyeshadow palette, because I think the hughstreet has great products on offer. But the one thing I was struggling to find was a base that lasted. After a few people recommending the NARS foundation and concealer I decided to drop £50 and take the plunge, I've never spent that much on two pieces of makeup before but they're by far the best foundation and concealer products I've used.

What are you glad you've splurged on?

With Love; Em


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