5 Items To Make Your Wardrobe More Professional

Friday, 19 August 2016

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm trying to make my wardrobe more mature and overall more polished and put together, by adding in a few more professional pieces. By either pairing these pieces together you can create a super professional outfit or dress them down by pairing them with jeans and some summer sandals.

1. Blazer
Everyone should have at least one good blazer in their wardrobe. They smarten up every outfit, and add a great silhouette. Whether it's a boyfriend blazer or a more fitted shape they're definitely a necessity for your wardrobe.

2. Heels
I wish I wore heels more, but being 5'10 and having friends all around the 5 ft mark it makes wearing heels difficult. But they really do add a little something extra to your look. Even if it's just a 3' block heel. The way heels make you stand, that little bit straighter all adds to how professional you look.

3. Shirts
I love shirts, but I hate having to iron them before you put them on. Even though I keep them hung up in my wardrobe they always always need and iron before you wear them. Shirts or blouses whether they are paired with skirts, trousers or jeans make your outfit look that much more professional.
4. Tailored Trousers

5. A Good Quality Handbag
Now, by this I don't mean an expensive handbag, just a handbag that doesn't look like it's been through the trenches and back. A classic shape, without any big blingy logos on will make your outfit look a million times more professional. There's nothing worse than a handbag with the leather all scratched and worn away. Zara does wonderful bag, so reasonable as well!

The Outfit:
I paired this lovely nude blazer with a longline white skirt, and my trusty skinny jeans. This outfit makes me look a lot dumpier and frumpier than I am and in hindsight I should have paired it with heels. But I just didn't think at the time, but hey, we live and learn haha! This nude blazer has been such a god send since I found in F21 years ago. It's been featured many many times on my blog before and I don't think I'll ever part with it.

With Love; Em x


  1. Loved this post. I'm hoping to bag myself my first "proper" job soon after uni so I can't wait to get my work wardrobe sorted. Love your outfit too :) xx
    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x


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