3 Tips If You're Thinking Of Studying Fashion Design

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Here are three tips if you're thinking of applying for fashion design at university, or you're heading to university in September about to start your first year as a fashion design student. When I was first starting I would have loved to have read a post like this, written by a normal girl who's been through the course and gives you some advice, because when you google 'tips for fashion student's you just get loads articles by magazines that give you inspirational quotes, and that's just not helpful.

Shoes: Charlotte Mills- Blondie Rose / Ana Rose

Only include your best work in your portfolio
When I was applying for uni, the experience I had behind me was Fine Art and Textiles, and honestly I knew very little about fashion design as a subject. I didn't know how technical it all was and I've learnt so much since starting. So when you're putting your portfolio together, only include your best work, I panicked before my interviews and did a few extra pieces to bulk out my portfolio that were completely unnecessary. My strength is drawing, and especially drawing detail so thats what I should have showed off in my portfolio. People come from all different backgrounds when they're coming to uni and the tutors know that you're coming to learn. So it's best to show off what you know your great at, then some stuff you just shoved in there because you thought they'd like it.

Don't buy everything that uni tell you too
About 3 weeks before we started, uni sent out a welcome pack. It had leaflets about the uni and bits like that, it also had a suggested reading list and then a suggested reading list and a list of equipment that you should buy. And it was all very specific, like branded equipment. So me and my mum sat down and did a massive order spent like £200 and I only used a few things from that list. We ordered fancy wax crayons that cost like £25, I've never opened them. Fashion Design is such an expensive course, and you'll be spending hundreds on fabric and paper and other necessary stuff so don't waste it where you really don't need to!

So here are the key things you need:
Pattern Master
Pack of Pencils
Good Sharpener and Rubber
Your preferred colouring materials, either Pencil Crayons, Pastels, Paint etc..
Layout Pad

Also, It's not a necessity because your uni will have it. But I would totally recommend buying Photoshop, you can either buy it and pay monthly I think it's around £10 or you can pay for it in one go. I bought the creative cloud package, so all the programmes for £180(ish) It literally saved me so much hassle, I didn't have to spend as many late nights in uni because I had the programme on my laptop so I could do all my uni work in the comfort of my own bed.

Don't just do the required work go the extra mile
When you have so many modules to keep up with and when it's getting close to deadlines it's so tempting to just do the minimum work, when they say do 20 design sheets, to just do 20. My tip is go that extra mile, don't just design on blank paper, your designs will look amazing if you decorate the pages a little. Or present your work by mounting everything on mount board and putting everything in plastic wallets and handing it in, in a portfolio. So many people just hand in their work in a carrier bag. If you've spent hours on the work you may as well spend a few minutes presenting it nicely!

I hope this helped a few of you, and I'd love to know if you're heading to uni in September! So let me know in the comments.

With Love; Em x

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