15 Things That Make Me Happy

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

These things are necessarily in order, but here's 15 things that always manage to put a smile on my face, and put me in a much better mood.

1. Food
Food, is definitely the way to my heart, I am 100% happier with a full tummy. It really is the simple things.

2. Coming Home
As much as I loved living with the girls at University I love coming home for a couple of days, catching up with family. Sleeping in my own comfy bed and just being back in Melbourne is so comforting.

3. Long Chats with Josh
Spending any time with my boyfriend is great, and just being in his company makes me so happy. But those nights where we stay up late, chatting about anything and everything really mean the most to me. For saying we've been friends for years and together for a year and half its wonderful that there are still things that we're finding out about each other.

4. Jodie
Jodie, is hands down the most amazing human being. This gal can put a smile on my face no matter what my mood. She's so completely hilarious, and such a ball of fun.

5. Plants and Flowers
My Nana and my Mum are both green thumbed so maybe thats why. But I love having a vase of fresh flowers or even just some green plants, dotted around the house.

6. Family
I don't have a big family really, but with divorced parents there's quite a bit of extended family. Now my family not perfect, but really who's is? Spending time with any of them is lovely.

7. A Full Fridge
After a big food shop, when you open the fridge door and it's full of colourful fruit and veggies it's so satisfying. Or is this just me?

8. Girly Nights Out/In
Spending time with the girls is so important. Whether it's a full blown night out in town, or going for a cocktail after work or even just facemasks and chill one evening. It's important to get your girly time in.

9. Freshly Painted Nails
This might be something to do with the fact that I'm a bit of a perfectionist but I absolutely love seeing freshly painted matching fingernails and toe nails. With no chips in, all shinny and perfect! There's just something so satisfying about it.

10. Surprising my Nana
One of my favourite things to do whilst I'm home is pop round to my Nana's for a cup of tea and slice of cake. I usually find her gardening away and I just sneak in the garden and surprise her. She's always so happy to see me and it's lovely to have a nice little catch up.

11. Gift Wrapping
This one might seem a little odd, but I really love seeing beautifully wrapped presents. Whether I've been given them or whether it's me giving them to other people. I love choosing the perfect paper, and a ribbon that matches. It sounds a bit silly but it's definitely something that puts a smile to my face.

12. Getting Post
I'm sure that this will change in a few years time when all I'm getting through the letter box is bills and what not. But for now when it's ASOS deliveries and the odd card and letters from friends and family it really brings a smile to my face.

13. A good cup of tea
Now, I like strong tea, a tiny bit of milk and no sugar. I'm quite particular about this. If you manage to get that right, you're in my good books.

14. Taking Photographs
With studying fine art at A-Level we had to take photographs for our observational studies, and to support our portfolio it's really become a hobby of mine. I love to capture moments on camera, whether it's whilst out and about, or in a different country or just a quick selfie with a loved one. Taking photos of any sort make me very happy.

15. Traveling
The world is so big, and although I like to think that I'm relatively well travelled I've only seen something like 6% of the world (according to the travelist app). I'd absolutely love to travel more but I'm so happy and thankful for the places I've already been too.

The Outfit:
My lovely friend Katie, got me this gorgeous khaki longline jacket and it's beautiful. It's such a lovely addition to my wardrobe and I think it gives such a simple everyday outfit a little bit of wow. I kept the rest of the outfit super simple, with these ASOS mom jeans that I've been living in the past few weeks, and this cute white frill Zara Crop top. Just a simple outfit today, but this lightweight jacket is perfect for English Summers, when the weather can turn on you in a second.

I'd absolutely love to know what makes you happy or if any of these things make you happy!
Let me know in the comments!

With Love; Em x


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