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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Many many courses at university are starting to offer a placement year as part of the degree. Whether you’re considering doing a placement just over summer or taking a year out in industry you will gain vital experience and a better knowledge of the working world. I’ve just finished my second year, and I’ve chosen to take a year out to go on a work placement. I’ve been interning now for a couple of weeks, and I’ve just secured another short term placement. So here are my top tips if you’re planning on applying for internships or taking a year out of University.

1- Get applying as soon as possible! Most of the deadlines for the big companies like ASOS etc are December. These placements tend to be 12 months and are PAID. Most placements are unpaid, especially in London. If you’re wanting to get a 12 month placement, get your CV done and get applying about October/November time!

2-If possible, look for placements commutable from home so that you can live with your parents and save money on rent! In some cases it’s not possible, I found one placement back home in Derby and it was really not something I was interested in. But if you’re lucky enough to live near a big city then get applying to places near you!

3-Don’t be put off by Smaller unfamiliar businesses, chances are you will learn so much more at a smaller company because you’ll have a lot more freedom and the chance to have a go at things that aren’t necessarily in your job description. At larger companies you’ll be a lot more restricted to what you’re able to do. This isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re not too sure what it is you’re wanting to go into then maybe try applying for a more general role. For example, if you’re studying fashion design but you’re not too sure which area in particular you’re wanting to go into, a role like studio assistant would be a good option. 

4- Ask for the company to cover your expenses, even if its not advertised. I’ve done that at both of my placements and they agreed to it. Even £100 a month is helpful! It all adds up.

5- Make use of family and friends that live in more exotic places. We have some family friends that live in New Jersey, not too far from New York. So I’ve been applying for some placements in New York, I haven’t been successful yet but you never know! It’s nice to have the option. 

6-If you speak another Language, use this to your advantage! Most placements that are abroad in non-english speaking countries require you too speak fluently in that language. So if you speak french for example get applying to lots of internships in Paris!

7- Make sure your CV and Cover Letter stand out. Spend a few hours on it, add a photo of your self, some pictures of your work in the background or add some pretty colour and fonts, as long as its not too busy it will really help you stand out! Instead of the standard black and white times new roman CV’s they’ll get sent hundreds off.

8- Speaking of Covering Letters, once you’ve written a couple you’ll be a whizz. Make use of the facilities at your university and get the staff there to check over them and advice you. And make sure that you write a different cover letter for every placement! Obviously keep some elements the same, but they will definitely be able to tell if you’re sending the same general cover letter to every placement you apply for.

I just wanted to pop in at the end here and give you a little update.. if you weren't already aware I was interning at a small label called Me and Thee based in Huddersfield when Temperley London emailed me asking me if I was interested in a three week wholesale placement, one of the three weeks to be based in Paris. Obviously I jumped at this opportunity! 
You'll already know if you follow me on instagram and twitter because of my vast amount of Temperley and Paris posts but I thought I'd explain in a bit more detail on here. The internship consists of setting up the show room and assisting in appointments. But primarily I'm dressing the models and making sure that the clients are well looked after. Some of these tasks may sound mundane but I'm honestly having the best time here, the team is so beyond lovely, especially Freya the other Intern I'm working with and I've learnt so much just by observing and asking questions as often as possible. I mean I didn't even know what wholesale consisted of before this placement and I feel like I've got such a better understanding of how this side of the fashion industry really works, and I'm only half way through my placement!
Even though we've been working like 11/12hour days we've been trying to make the most out of being in Paris as much as possible. On Sunday night one of the models and her boyfriend took us out for a lovely dinner and then we cycled down the river seine to the Eiffel tower and it was honestly one of the best experiences, I would 100% recommend. We've also been around the Louvre, walked down Rue Cambon to see the first Chanel Store and eaten so much delicious french food! and I'm honestly so happy and proud to have this experience under my belt. So that is my little update for you, after this placement I'm returning to the very luxurious town of Huddersfield to continue my placement at Me and Thee!

I hope this helps and if you're currently interning let me know. I'd love to know your stories!

With Love; Em x

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