Sephora Serum First Impressions

Saturday, 16 July 2016

I've been after a Serum for ages, absolutely ages. Preferably one that helps to reduce acne scarring and marks, whilst giving your skin a little glow. So when I was having a nosey round Sephora in Paris I decided to have a little look for one, and I stumbled across this little bad boy. 

I've been using this every night for about 2 weeks now and I really love it. It soaks into the skin fast, doesn't feel oily or greasy and is very light on the skin. I've noticed marks left from spots starting to fade, and overall my skin feels much smoother.  Below I've popped the research results for you, so that you can see some more of the stats. 

Research results: In a scientific test on 21 volunteers: - 45% increase in radiance was measured In a use test for 1 month on 21 women: - 100% noticed smoother skin after the first application - 23% reduction in pores reported after 2 weeks - 33% reduction in dark spots reported after 2 weeks - 100% noticed "re-textured" skin after 1 month

Now I'm definitely not a dermatologist or anything of the sort, so I don't want to ramble on too much about the ingredients or anything like that because, quite frankly I don't really know what I'm on about. So I'll keep this post short and sweet and just tell you what I like and don't like about it!

Overall, my first impressions are that it's great, I'm hoping that I'll start to see more results as I continue to use it. My only issue with this product, is that because the bottle is glass, which has been coated, it scratches so easily. I've been really careful with it but if you knock it against anything, it takes the coating off. It's not a massive problem obviously but it just irrates me and my OCD. So there you go, if you're in the market for a serum and you're passing a sephora then I'd recommend picking this one up!

With Love; 
Em x

(I couldn't manage to find a link for it online? so whether they've discontinued the product or if its only available in store I'm not too sure, so sorry about that! But if you keep your eyes out then you might be lucky enough to stumbled across it!)


  1. I just love your photos and blog design, so pretty and dreamy! Would this be okay for sensitive skin? I'd love to give it a try sometime! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Aw thank you! Thats so lovely to hear, and I would think so! xx


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