Making the Most of Working Abroad

Monday, 11 July 2016

If you managed to read my previous post then you'll know that I was lucky enough to be taken to Paris as part of my internship with Temperley London. I honestly had the best time, the people were amazing and I honestly learnt so much. So although I'm now poorly and run down from all the travel, finishing at Temperley has got me so inspired and excited, I have a couple of blogposts worth of photos and lots of ideas! I've just spent the past hour trying to set up and get my head round google analytics, save to say I'm still just as confused but I'm sure I'll get my head round it. 

I thought that I'd share my tips of how to make the most of working in a foreign city, the little tips I used whilst in Paris and some things I think will help you to make the most of your time there.

Use your evenings wisely
No matter how tired you are, and believe me whilst I was interning in Paris we were getting up at 6:30 and not leaving the showroom till 7:30/8 some nights, you have to make the effort to get up, go out and soak up some of the culture. No matter how tired you are, both me and Freya (the lovely girl I was interning with) both said that it was always worth it once we'd found the energy and made it out. We ate lovely meals, walked around the Louvre Grounds, even cycled to the Eiffel tower one night! (But more about that in another post)

Eat somewhere different for lunch every day
Our showroom, was very convientenly located very central and surrounded by restaurants, cafe's and many places to go and grab lunch. So we eat from a different place most days, one day we had salad, a sandwich, pizza and crepes! It was so great to get a taste for the local cuisine and everyone needs to eat lunch so you may as well walk to the next cafe and grab something different instead of having the same ham sandwich every day. 
Although, saying that.. Freya and I did eat at Cafe Ruc twice, this was mainly because the food was delicious and the staff were so lovely, also we were exhausted and really couldn't be bothered to wander round finding somewhere else. We did both try something different on the Menu though, so that makes it okay!

If you're working with people that are either from that city or have worked there before, take advantage of that, and ask them to show you round
Everyone other than me and Freya had worked in Paris many many times before, so they knew the area very well. They suggested places for dinner, and things to do in the evenings. Christine one of the models and her boyfriend very kindly took us out one night, which was absolutely lovely.

Research about the city before you visit it
Read all the blog posts about the top ten things to do in Paris or wherever it is that you're working. It means you'll hopefully have a better idea of what you want to spend your time doing, instead of spending an hour after work deciding. I had a couple of places in mind of where I wanted to go whilst I was in Paris, one of which was Angelina, which me managed to squeeze in one morning before work, as well as stopping by Rue Cambon to see the first Chanel store!

Make friends
get to know your colleges, it could have been so easy for me to not make an effort with the people I was working with but when you're working with new people, you enjoy the day so much more if you get a bit more friendly with these new people. Also, it gets so easy after a long day at work, to just go back to your hotel and order room service and hibernate till work the next morning, and if you get stuck into that routine it's hard to break.

Let me know if you're heading off anywhere exciting with work or if you happen to be interning in a new city? I'd love to know

With Love;
Em x

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