Is Blogging All Sunshine and Daisies?

Monday, 25 July 2016

So much is said about how amazing the blogging industry is, and I agree. It's current, with the times and its exploded in the last few years. I'm genuinely inspired by so many amazing ladies in this industry, the big bloggers jetting off to here there and everywhere; and the not so big bloggers, finding time to juggle blogging whilst at uni and working multiple part time jobs. It is inspiring how everyone works so hard to better themselves, but I think that sometimes people forget the negatives to the industry. It's so easy to see blogging as this ultra glamorous, all sunshine and daisies thing. When actually it's about all of us desperately finding the time and energy to keep going. Wake up early and take photos before heading out for the day, staying up late to write and edit blog posts.

So here's me just shouting out all the reasons why blogging isn't always all sunshines and daisies..

It's so time consuming
Unless you're a fellow blogger, you don't understand how much time and effort goes into every post. How much energy goes into picking and designing/ installing/ customising a theme for you blog, all the promotion you do, the tweets, the instagrams. That constant little voice in your head thats reminding you to tweet about that latest post or post about that new product you got. If you're anything like me, anything is a photo opportunity, you can't turn it off. It takes up so much time and energy and 99% of us don't get paid a single penny for it all. All just to hit your next target, whether its 500 insta followers (thats my next goal), increase your page views or whether it's to get 100,000 followers.

Inevitably Comparing yourself to others and feeling like you're not getting anywhere
When this industry is dominated by the big ones, the Zoella's, the Chiara Ferrgani's and In the Frow (goals) it's so easy to feel like you're not getting anywhere. I'm always feeling like what I do isn't good enough, because when compared to them it is next to nothing, but if I compared it to me 6 months ago, I'd see how much further I've grown. And it's so hard to remember to do that, or is that just me?

Non-Blogger's opinions on Blogging/the Blogging Industry
I'm generalising here, obviously there are some really lovely and understand non-bloggers out there that this point won't relate too. But anyway I briefly touched on this at the beginning of this post.. I've been blogging pretty much consistently for 3 years now, and yet I'm still aphrenrsive about letting people know that I do it. I feel like with this blog, I'm giving away so much of myself for people to judge, especially people that know me 'in real life' and they don't understand the hours that go into every post, how long it takes to position that lipstick just right in that flat lay. And all they can say about your post is point out a spelling mistake, that just so happened to slip through when you proof read your post. 

Top-*  -  Jeans- River Island  -  Bag- Zara  -  Shoes- Topshop - Jacket- Zara

This isn't meant to come across as me moaning about blogging, because if I didn't enjoy it and think it was worth all the effort. Then I just wouldn't do it. But I love it, I'm so proud of my little space of the web and I'm so happy to be a part of this industry, no matter how smaller part I might be. But  I just wanted to let all you fellow bloggers out there know that you're not alone in this, we all completely understand how much effort is put into your posts and we appreciate it.

About the outfit:
This gorgeous stripped Bardot top is the perfect top for Summer. I paired this top with some black ripped skinnies which I feel like I haven't worn in years! I keep the rest of the outfit simple with my Topshop sandals and my Zara Jacket. I think this top would be a perfect addition to your wardrobe because it's so versatile. You can easily dress it up with some gorgeous white tailored trousers and heels or keep it casual with jeans, like I did here. And it's 50% off at the moment so grab one while you can!

With Love;
Em x

Disclaimer: This post includes a gifted item, however all thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.


  1. I love your outfit and I completely agree with you - blogging is SUCH hard work and I often find myself consumed by it. I've been taking a blog break lately and feel like it was much needed. I've just followed you on Insta so you're a little closer to your goal hehe : ) (@jessieann48) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Aw I'm so glad you agree! Sometimes you just need to take a little step back and take a break. And thank you so much! xxx


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