15 Things That Inspire Me

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

After re-watching Claire's '15 of my favourite feelings' video, it got me completely inspired. So here's my take on her video, 15 things that inspire me.

1. Claire's Videos
I'm honestly amazed with every video she puts out, they're so creatively edited and so well thought out. After every video I'm always left inspired. I was so shocked at how amazing her 'hey it's me' video was I literally watched it three times in a row, #superfan.

2. Visiting New Places
Whether it's a day trip in England or a holiday. Where ever I am, if it's a new place I'm always completely inspired after a good look around. I'm such a people watcher, so I love just sitting down somewhere with a coffee and watching the people in the streets, seeing how they interact with each other and how they dress.

3. Reaching Targets and Goals
No matter how big or small, if I manage to complete everything on my to do list. Or if I get the grade I want in that Module. I'm always more inspired if I know I'm on the right track or if I'm feeling productive.

4. Talking to Tutors and getting Feedback
I guess this one is more university related but, we used to have Visual Studies on a Tuesday afternoon. I'd always make sure that on a Tuesday Night I had no plans, and I'd set that night aside to really crack on with that modules work. After having the tutorial with the tutor and seeing everyone else work it always inspired me to get my head down and get work done.

5. The Possibility of New Opportunities
I'm currently at the start of my placement year, and the fact that anything can happen this year really inspires me. I've got a couple of placements lined up, but who knows what opportunities might come up this year. I honestly used to be so terrified and get so stressed if I didn't know exactly what was round the corner, but more recently I've started to think of it as an opportunity and really get excited about it.

6. Other Bloggers
There's a few in particular that really inspire me: Victoria, Jess, Amy, and Sammi. I find these particular bloggers inspiring because their content is so gorgeous, and mainly I'm just so inspired and impressed that they manage to juggle blogging along everything else they have going on and they do it so well. But just seeing other bloggers posts, and their tweets. Knowing that theres people out there that love blogging as much as I do is inspiring enough.

7. Art Galleries
Wandering around art galleries is my no.1 favourite thing to do. I love seeing different pieces of art, appreciating all different styles and movements. I'm a total art geek at heart so it's really something I'm interested in. I especially love reading up about a few pieces before going, so you really know what you're looking at. I just think that viewing a piece of art not knowing exactly how long it took the artist, or what they were thinking or feeling whilst they were creating it. Is something really spectacular.

8. People who do Random Good Deeds
You know when you see someone help an old lady cross the street, or for example when I was on my way to work not long ago I saw a girl give this homeless man a cuppa and sat and had a chat with him. It's so lovely to see and it always inspires me to be a better person.

9. Faith
Now I don't identify as a religious person but I don't have any issues with any religion. I guess I identify as an agnostic atheist? But thats not really what this is about. I find it really fascinating and inspiring that some people believe in something so much, and so deeply. I don't just mean faith with religion but also the faith that everything will be okay and the strength to carry on when it doesn't seem possible at the time. 

10. Children
I've always loved children, I've got two younger brothers and I've babysat regularly since I was 14. Kids outlook on the world is so inspiring and mesmerising. For example, I asked my youngest brother what he wanted to be when he was older (he's 6) he said he said he wanted 'to go to university so he could learn how to become a transformer'. I then asked, 'why do you want to be a transformer'. He said so he could 'go to Disney Land, because thats where all the transformers work'. That whole conversation, to me, was so inspiring. With all the awful tragedy going on in the world, especially at the moment the fact that kids are so happy and unaware is really nice. It inspires me to try and make the world a little better, for when they do grow older and more aware of whats happening around them. 

11. Nature
Where's better to look for inspiration then outside? There are so many wonderful colours, shapes, creatures, plants just in your garden. Whether it's a walk in the countryside or a trip to the beach, there's so much nature out there to see, and I think thats pretty inspiring.

12. Architecture and decor
There is some great architecture in England, there really is. But there's just something about the buildings in Paris or the decor in the italian churches that is so inspiring and completely beautiful. The fact that someone put in so much energy, time and creativity to create a building so stunning is so inspiring 

13. Ambition
Whether its my own or someone else's it's so inspiring to see someone work hard and have some much drive and motivation for something. Whether its other bloggers or people I know from University. Or whether it's my nana wanting to finish this blanket she's knitting even though she has awful arthritis. The drive and ambition people have to over come hurdles in order to achieve they're goal, no matter how big or small is completely inspiring.

14. Fashion
I love that the fashion industry is so innovative and there are always new designers popping up with their own little signature. And how the more established brands keep coming up with newer better designs. It's so exciting and inspiring to see what the next season brings.

15. Falling in Love
Okay, I'm going to end this post on a bit of a soppy one, but something that I find inspiring is love, falling in love, being in love. It's an amazing thing and I'm so lucky to have experienced it so early in life. And the fact that everyone has a different experience, a different opinion of what love is. For me having that connection with someone, that ability to feel safe and at home with another human being is the most amazing inspiring feeling in the world.

About the Outfit:
I love love love this jumpsuit from Zara. I hardly wear any print so this is a great addition to my wardrobe. The cold shoulder details are so cute, and I love that it's a culotte length jumpsuit instead of full length. I wore this outfit to work, whilst I was in Paris with Temperley so I kept the accessories very simple and just paired this jumpsuit with my light jacket, topshop sandals and zara bag

I would really love to hear about what inspires you, please let me know in the comments..

With Love,

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