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Saturday, 14 May 2016

I'm back! It's been driving me crazy not blogging the past couple of weeks, I've had to prioritise other things unfortunately; but I've got a nice few blog posts lined up and I'm ready to go. I handed in all of my coursework for the second year of university last Friday so that was a massive relief, it's just waiting for the results now! So with the stress of deadlines, there were many many late nights..  I've had to really try and keep myself from over working and over stressing and attempt to relax a bit more. So here are just a few tips/ things that I do to try and relax!

Pamper your self!
My favourite, and the easiest way to relax is definitely to have a nice bath; light some candles, put a bucket load of bubble bath in and just have a good long soak. Maybe do a body scrub and pop a face mask on. I always feel way more relaxed after I've had a good bubble bath. Once I've hopped out the bath and put my pyjamas on (a necessity for relaxing) I'll give myself a little manicure/ pedicure and maybe blow dry my hair or pop a serum on and I feel a million times better.

catch up on social media
This might seem like an odd one for most people, but with how busy I have been with hand in I've hardly been on my phone. So I've not been keeping up with social media or looking at my notifications, and felt a bit out of the loop. And also seeing all those red notification bubbles pop up next to the icons on my phone stresses me out a little, I find it so satisfying to see them all disappear. Is it just me?

popcorn and a film/your favourite tv show
I did this last night, I'm home for the weekend and last night I found a lindt chocolate bunny left over from easter and some microwave popcorn, I popped them together in a bowl and watched a film whilst stuffing my face. It was definitely needed and oh so relaxing.

clean and tidy
I don't know if it's just me.. but I find it almost impossible to relax in a messy bedroom. I cannot sit in bed if there are clothes out covering my floor or if my makeup is sprawled out over my desk. It's probably the OCD I inherited from my mother. But for me I need to tidy and clean up to relax, and to be honest I'll pop some music on and I find it quite therapeutic!

catch up on blogposts or read a book
I enjoy doing either, I definitely read more books over summer, when I have the time. But all year round I love scrolling through my bloglovin' feed and twitter feed and reading the new blog posts that pop up. I find it so inspiring as well. 

I hope these tips help you! and if you have any tips of your own then I'd love to know, comment below or tweet me @EmjaneMac 

the outfit
I'm totally loving culottes this season, and these are so comfy! I probably should have bought a size smaller, because they don't quite sit as high up as I'd like but they are lovely! I styled them with this little two tier Zara top and this gorgeous light weight Zara jacket. I picked up this jacket last summer and it's probably my favourite piece of all time. I've gotten so much wear out of it. These sandals are another amazing purchase, I picked them up from Topshop a couple of weeks ago, and I've hardly took them off my feet! I'd definitely recommend if you're looking for a new summer sandal.

With Love;

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