5 Tips For Meeting Your Deadlines

Friday, 20 May 2016

Here are 5 Tips for meeting your deadlines, I handed in all of my second year coursework a couple of weeks ago and here are some of the tips that I used to make sure that I got all my work in on time.

Lists! They will be your best friend. I find that lists are essential for me to evaluate the work that I have to complete and then decide which tasks are most important, or which tasks will take the longest time to complete. And it's so satisfying to see the tasks get crossed off the list, well it is for me anyway!

Stay on top off it all from week one
This was hands down the best thing I've done this year. We had a deadline in December to hand in all our work and although one of the modules was only formative feedback which means that we can add to our work and adapt it after we've got the mark back. I made sure everything was completed to the standard I would want it handed in for my final hand in. And it was the best thing I ever did, it meant that I stayed on top of everything and had much less work to do for my final hand in, it also meant that I was a hell of a a lot less stressed.

set yourself a deadline before the actual deadline
This means that If you miss your deadline, you still have a few nights to cram to get everything done for your actual hand in! This little rule has saved me once or twice.

Break it down
So for example, if I have a design project to get finished. I'll separate that one task into 3 or 4 and do 2 tasks per night. For example doing my design development pages in one night, then doing my working drawings and illustrations in another night. So that I've accomplished something rather than trying to complete an enormous task in just one night, then feeling disappointed that I didn't finish it. 

This is always my last resort, and for me it's not the most successful so definitely don't rely on this little tip. But if i haven't got all my work finished then sometimes all you have left is one night to cram and get as much done as possible. But in my past experience it doesn't work very well for me, i don't do well under pressure but I know that some of my friends have done their best work whilst working the night before hand in. 

I've been after some black tailored culottes for a while now, and when I stumbled across these in Next I couldn't resist. I absolutely love the fit of them and they feel so well made. I styled them with this lovely Pale Pink top from asos, and kept the outfit looking quite professional with this new Zara Bag and my Zara lightweight Jacket.

I thought with exam season well and truly underway, this might come in handy for a couple of you. I wish you all the best with your exams and deadlines. 

With Love;
Em x

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