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Monday, 16 May 2016

More recently I've been try to get a more bronzed softer contoured makeup look, with summer finally on it's way I think a softer base is much more flattering. And I can't stand smothering on layers of foundation when the weather is warmer. So my must haves for this sort of look are all right here.

kate x rimmel palette
Firstly this little kate for Rimmel number that I mentioned in a previous post. At first I was a little unsure about the contour powder in this little palette because it seemed more on the orangey side of things. But it applies beautifully and it works lovely with a softer tapered brush as a bronzer and with a contour brush for a more chiseled look. The highlight powder in this palette is beautiful. It's so subtle and workable it's definitely a current favourite. If your wanting a more delicate highlighter I would definitely recommend this one!

becca highlighter
If your wanting a more intense highlighter then this becca one is for you. I stole this one from katie, to include in this post because it's just so beautiful. Definitely worth the splurge. 

Since I bought my first real techniques brush set a couple of years ago, I'm a total convert, I don't buy any other brand. I picked up the collectors edition sculpting set not too long ago and it's amazing. The contour brush is so dense and makes contouring so incredibly easy. Another brush in this set that I really like is the fan brush. For a light dusting of highlighter this is the perfect brush. Although I don't use the third brush in the set for contouring It's probably my favourite. I love this brush for blending in my concealer. It's so soft and gives such a lovely finish. 
I also love the real techniques bold metals collection, I have about 6 of those brushes. My favourite being the rose gold highlighter brush and the contour brush. I use both of these brushes for a stronger bolder contour and they apply the product perfectly.

If your looking for some new contour and highlight bits for summer then I'd definitely recommend these, don't forget to keep up to date with me on instagram and twitter for daily updates!

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