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Monday, 18 April 2016

So here's a slightly different post for you all today, I've been thinking about doing a post along these lines for a while, but I wasn't quite sure how to articulate it all. But the other night, while I was taking a little break from my massive amount of university coursework I made a little draft on my phone, I've now polished it up a little and I'm ready to share it with you all.

So here goes, these are the reasons I love blogging, why I continue to blog and just a couple of the not so great things that come along with it.

It makes me proud.. If it's something I enjoy doing I really don't mind putting in 110% effort. Whether it's uni or blogging or something else. If I've spent hours taking and editing the photos then writing the post, and even if I get 1 comment or just a few more page views then usual. It makes me really proud, and happy that I put in that extra effort. 

It's a lovely community to be a part of. I've spoke to so many lovely bloggers, on Twitter and Instagram particularly. 
Spread the blogging love xo 

I like being productive and it's a change from the uni work. This is a big one for me. With doing Fashion design at university. It's so time consuming and demanding and sometimes it's so draining and I really do wonder why I even started it in the first place. But I can't sit still and do nothing for long. And I love that blogging gives me that little something extra to do. A little space on the web where I can be productive when I'm wanting some down time from the endless design development and technical drawings. 

It's a lovely space to have to be able to see how I've grown and changed since I started, my style evolution how my writing style has changed ever so slightly and all the little changes that have happened over the past couple of years. It's nice being able to look back at the different holidays/days out I've been on and have it all at the click of a button. 

With wanting to go into marketing and pr after I graduate. The blogging industry is something I'm very interested in. It amazes me that some of the big bloggers have so much influence, and it continues to amaze me. I find it so interesting to watch their careers grow and move into different industry's and expand their brand. 

And As much as I love it. There are some negatives, it's so time consuming. And that's hard to keep up with especially when uni deadlines creep up, anyone who studies at uni whether your course is predominantly essays or coursework it's hard to find the time to blog. But we all manage because we love it. 

Some people just don't understand. Although I've not experienced any negative feedback online, some people I know have definitely made unnecessary snarky comments. It just makes me sad that some people think it's all about pretty pink lip gloss and the newest addition to your wardrobe. But blogging is so much more than that. It's an amazing industry that's so current at the moment. And it's amazing to be a part of it. No matter how small that part may be. 

Jacket- Topshop / Dress- Zara / Bag- Zara / Watch- Karen Millen

With Love;
Em x

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