How I try and stay Motivated

Monday, 4 April 2016

I’ve been thinking for a while that I wanted to incorporate my outfit posts with something a little more than just a description of the clothes, so here’s something a little different, I'd really love to know what you think…

I’ll start this post off being completely honest with you, I’m human; so I’m not 100% motivated all of the time and I have my down days like everyone but in general I’d say I’m pretty motivated. I know that I need to work hard and get my head down in order to succeed, and thats what I try and do. I tried to be as general as possible so that they can apply to as many of you as possible. Some of these are more blogging related, and some more University oriented but anyway here are my top tips, the things I do to try and stay motivated..

Culottes- Next (Similar) / Leather Jacket- Topshop / Black Lace Cami- Lipsy / Shoes- Office / Bag- Zara

Write Lists but with your tasks broken down.
I always feel more motivated when I think i’m being really productive, crossing things off my list always makes me want to carry on working more.  So for example, say I have to do 20 design pages over the next two weeks, I’ll break it down by saying I have to do 5 tonight, 5 tomorrow, 5 the day after and so on.. 

Watch an interesting documentary or a film.
I recently discovered the Future of Fashion series on Vogues Youtube Channel, its a series of videos about all the different areas of fashion, presented by Alexa Chung. I find it so inspiring and after hearing how passionate people are about the industry I love it makes me want to crack on and keep going.

Relax- Either sit down and watch a film or a episode of something or other or have a bath.. 
If i’ve had a long busy day either at Uni or out and about I always find it hard to get in and start work and if I do manage it I never stay working for every long because I’m so tired. Whereas if I have a couple of hours chill time then start work I manage to get much more done.

Look back at past achievements. 
I always find that if I’m laking motivation, I’ll read back through a blog post that I’m proud off, that got quite a few comments or views and I find I’m always more motivated to try that much harder and make my next post that much better. 

Always attend Tutorials 
This one is definitely more University related, but I always feel much more motivated and driven to do well after I’ve spoken to the university staff about my work. After I’ve received feedback and gotten their advice, and am 100% sure I’m on the right track I always seem to get more work done than if I hadn’t been into uni and spoken to the tutors. 

I hope this was helpful and if you have any tips that work for you I'd love to know!
With Love;

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