TRAVEL: Throwback Cuba- Havana

Friday, 5 February 2016

Here's Part 2 of my Throwback Post, Cuba.. Enjoy

We spent the majority of our time in Cuba on the beach relaxing and soaking in the sun, which was perfect and much needed. However our day in Havana was a whole other kind of paradise. Seeing the beautiful archetiure and the way the city had aged in such a way that was so foreign and different to anything like it in England. The beautiful colours of the buildings and the American cars from the 50's scattered along the streets, it felt like I was in a retro movie.

We had a lovely taxi driver and english speaking guide called Kate, show us around the city and it was definitely worth it. We learnt so much more with Kate than if we had venture into Havana by ourselves. We explored old and new havana and tasted some of the local cuisine and this lovely little restaurant. Havana is definitely a place I would love to explore again, for more than just a day and if you're in Cuba you should definitely stop by, you won't be disappointed.

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With Love;
Em x

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