My Top 5 Skincare Basics

Friday, 26 February 2016

I thought I'd talk you through my skincare basics today, these are the products that I feel are really key to my skincare routine and are all very affordable! Because being a student, unfortunately I can't afford to spend £40 on an origins moisturiser, no matter how much I want too!

If you didn't know already I use Garniers Micellar Water to remove the majority of my makeup, but it doesn't remove water proof mascara without some serious scrubbing (which is my only complaint about the product), so for something more gentle I love this make up remover. If you have oily skin then I wouldn't suggest this to remove your entire face of makeup because it's just a little too oily but my mascara and eyeliner slide right off with this beauty. All I do is shake the bottle up, pop some on a cotton round and rest it on my eye for a minute or so, then turn the cotton round over and gentle rub away the rest, I repeat this on my other eye then go crazy with my micellar water to remove the rest of my makeup. This is so affordable and works a charm, I'd definitely recommend this!

I swear by this lip balm, as much as I love Vaseline; I find it so hard to apply being in the little pot, and my fingers get all greasy, it's just too messy for my liking. Whereas this works just as well and it applies wonderfully. This also works great if your lips get a little sunburnt on holiday too!

I LOVE this primer, I've used others in the past such Maybellines baby skin primer but nothing works as well as this. It gives me a great base for my foundation to sit on, it makes my makeup last a lot longer and I don't need to moisturise in the morning if I use this, so for me it's a 2 in 1. They recently changed the packaging for this product, before it was in a glass pot which was lovely this one is much more practical and I swear you get a bit more product! Cheap as Chips too!

This will forever have a place in my cupboard. Tea Tree Oil is a must for us lot with spot prone skin, it works wonders clearing up nasty spots you can always see a different over night. I pop a few drops in the palm of my hand and then pop in on my problem areas, so the bottoms of my cheeks and my chin. I've heard so many people recommend this product and for good reason, it's definitely worth a try, I guarantee you'll love it, plus this little bottle lasts ages.

After I do a face wash and a cleanse my skin always feels a little dry and tight, this moisturiser is perfect to pop a bit of moister back into my face. I don't like going to bed with an oily face so with this being a light moisturiser it only takes seconds to sink in and then your face is super soft and not oily at all! I've been using this for years and I can't see anything replacing this in my skincare routine.

If you want to see the full range of products that I use on my face then I did a skincare post a little while ago, click here to take a look.

With Love,
Em x

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