Greenhead Park and a Camel Coat

Friday, 19 February 2016

Me and Katie had the intentions of having a very productive day today, but after spending all morning getting ready we decided to just go and take some blog photos, pick up some donuts on the way home and demolish them whilst watching dexter.. we got in at 3pm it's now 10pm we're still watching Dexter.. But anyway, lets talk about this outfit..

After spending forever getting ready when we and Katie finally made it out the house we had a wander to Greenhead Park which is just around the corner from our house and it's so lovely! I think this might be our spot for taking blog photos for the future! I styled this lovely khaki shirt with my ripped knee jeans that I really cannot take off, with my trusty Topshop pointed boots and this lovely camel coat. This coat is such a lovely piece that makes a change to my mostly black wardrobe. This shirt falls at a lovely length and I think tucked into some skinnies you have a great very simple outfit.  

I'm off to Amsterdam on Tuesday, excited doesn't even begin to explain how I'm feeling, but I'll schedule posts for while I'm away, so keep checking back or follow me on bloglovin to stay up to date!

With Love;
Em x


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