Casual Outfit with Skinny Black Scarf

Monday, 1 February 2016

This is one of the simplest outfits to style and really one of my favourites, a white v neck and some ripped skinnies paired with a more tailored coat and this beaut scarf from Zara. You can't go wrong. Super quick and easy and perfect for running to uni for a day in the studio. 

Jeans- Topshop, T-Shirt- Zara, Scarf- Zara, Coat- Zara, Bag- Zara, Boots- Topshop
(Can you tell I think Zara is on point at the moment.. my bank balance definitely can..)

Just a short and sweet one today guys but keep your eyes peeled for a Manchester post to come up on here shortly, in the meantime keep up to date with me on Instagram.

With Love;
Em x

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