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Sunday, 17 January 2016

I first saw this blog post on Amy's blog and I thought it was such a lovely idea, so here's my spin on it..

There are so many things I love about Amy's blog, her outfit posts are always on point, the variety of posts she creates and she is hands down my favourite person on twitter. I find it really inspiring that she manages to post so often every week, along with uploading videos to her youtube channel and juggling doing a law degree and working part time along side it all. Also she has the best smoothie recipes ever.

I first stumbled across Jess by her youtube channel, my favourite thing about Copper Garden is that she is a Fashion Design Student. I find her so much more relatable because of this and it's so inspiring that she's a fashion student as well as running a blog, youtube channel and working part time. It's mind boggling to think that it's all possible, especially knowing how time consuming fashion design is. The fact that she's also on this health kick at the moment is crazy. Jess you really do deserve a medal, you're so motivated it puts the rest of us to shame.

I love Sammi's style so much, her outfits are so well put together everytime. If I could have anyones wardrobe in the world it would probably be hers. Since her blog has been revamped it feels so much more edititoral and professional, I absolutely love it. Her youtube channel is definitely one of my favourites and the content she puts up is always amazing. What I find most inspiring about Sammi is that whilst being a full time fashion blogger, her and her boyfriend Jason have recently started up their own clothing line, and I love it! It's so lovely to see something happen right from the start and I can't wait to see Novem and Knight grow!

Claire- Hey Claire

Claire is my ultimate girl crush, she's so insanely amazing at makeup and her old apartment was decorated beautifully, I'm sure you'll do up your new one just as well! I think I first discovered claire 3/4 years ago. Her vlogs are my favourite thing to watch and I really look forward to her youtube uploads! As a more established blogger is amazing to see the different places you can travel too and different brands that you can work with. 

With Love; Em x


  1. Great post! Will definitely be following these gals from now on!

    P.S. I love Sammi too <3

    Zoe x

  2. Great job girl.
    I love Sammi and Claire too. xXx

  3. Lovely post ! Claire and sammi are my faves too !


  4. Amazing post, I think Sammi is definitely my fave.



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