2015 in Review

Sunday, 3 January 2016

It's been a while since my last post.. almost 2 months so instead of listing a long list of excuses for my absence I'll just say that life just got in the way.. and we'll get on with this post.

Not a great deal happened at the start of the year, I became a lot closer with a lovely group of girls at uni, and I’m so glad I found them they really are the best bunch. Me and josh spent our first Valentines Day together and I celebrated my 19th Birthday in March. Josh took me to the zoo to see the elephants as part of my birthday present which was absolutely lovely. Although I hate the fact that they’re kept in captivity it was lovely to see them in the flesh and one day, perhaps the summer we graduate from University we’ll go to Thailand to volunteer with them.

Me and josh went away together for the first time in the summer of 2015, we had a few days away in Dublin (this was josh’s birthday present from myself) we stayed in a lovely hotel, which was in a great location; we went to a few lovely art galleries and museums, eat some delicious food and general spent time exploring the city together. A couple of days later we jetted off to Turkey which was lovely! The hotel was so nice and it wasn’t busy at all so most days we pretty much had the pool to ourselves which was idyllic. During August I started to make some baby clot

hes for a boutique in the village at home and that was so lovely, I really enjoyed making the garments and it made me much more confident on the sewing machines at uni, the experience was really great. (If you’d like to see what I made then have a look at my Facebook page here)

In September started my second year at university and the work load has really piled up but I’m really starting to enjoy my course a lot more this year in comparison to last year. We’ve got a few new members of staff and the classes are a lot smaller which means we get more contact time with staff, which is so motivating.

In September I also moved into a house with my uni friends, and that’s made a huge difference to my attitude towards uni, being in a place that feels like home surrounded by friends has definitely made a difference. In November Josh and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary together and we had a lovely weekend together. The christmas period this year has been so hectic and busy to say the least. Josh and I have been visiting family non stop, it’s been so lovely to catch up with everyone but I can’t wait to get back to uni to have some well deserved me time. 

Overall this year has been lovely and definitely one to remember but I’m super excited for 2016, with lots of exciting things to come such as a trip to Amsterdam in February (Hopefully) and I’ll hopefully be going on placement later this year which will be a massive change but I’m really looking forward to the challenge! 

With Love;
Em x

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