Tips For Starting A Fashion Design Degree

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Here's just some of my tips for those that are starting a Fashion Design Degree. I know that this post won't be applicable to everyone but there will be an outfit post up tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled.

1) Write your name on everything

2) You can never have too many sketch books
3) Bring your tape measure with you everywhere

4) Buy multiple unpickers and guard them with your life, they tend to grow legs and wander off.

5) Sometimes the tutors don’t agree on what the right way of doing things is. (You may have multiple tutors marking one project so sometimes it's hard to please both)

6) Don’t wear fake nails, you can’t sew in them. 

7) Read the briefs 100 times over, it’s amazing how many things you miss the first couple of times of reading it.

8) Stay up to date with work. It's important to meet the smaller less important deadlines so you’re not doing term 1 work at the end of year deadline.

9) Make sure you finish everything to the standard that you’d submit it at, because other wise you’ll end up re-doing work the week before the deadline when you could be doing other things.

10) Mount as you go along when possible, otherwise you'll have to spend the days before deadline mounting your work onto card instead of actually doing the work itself. 

11) You can never have enough 4/3/2H pencils, they're essential for pattern drafting.

12) ALWAYS take notes during briefings, staff tend to expand on points made in the brief and artists that link in with the project without realising or expand on points made in the brief.

13) Double check deadline dates and times, they sometimes change.

14) Check your emails daily, if the uni has a mail app, get it. Staff tend to send weekly round ups and they're really handy to make sure you keep up to date.

15) Familiarise yourself with CAD, Photoshop and Illustrator and make good use of the facilities. Especially illustrator- this is the programme most used in Industry.

With Love; Em x

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