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Friday, 24 July 2015

Here are five things I’ve been really loving recently, lets start with a simple one. This  candle was £2 from Primark and it smells divine. It’s fresh but sweet at the same time. It says ‘burns for 30 hours’ which I’m not sure I agree with but for £2 I’m not complaining. I do love burning scented candles but I’m not one of those people that can warrant spending over £10 on one so these Primark ones will do me just fine for the time being. 

This Sleeping Mask from The Body Shop was everywhere in the bloggersphere a little while back, and I desperately wanted to try it. But unsure whether I wanted to splurge on it I convinced my mum to get it and we could try it together. Sneaky I know. Truth is after one use we were both amazed at the results. It looks like your skin has had a massive drink of water over night, you wake up hydrated and your skin feels replenished with a lovely glow about it. You apply the product all over your face and it slowly sinks in overnight, so if you have dark coloured pillow cases you might wake up with tiny bits of dark fluff on your face, this definitely happened to me a couple of times. But this product is definitely worth the hype and I’d get your hands on one soon!

I was lucky enough to receive the Real Techniques bold Metals Triangle Foundation Brush for my birthday back in March and I really loved it. So on the way back from Dublin I had some euros left over and decided to treat myself to the Contour Brush from the same collection and I really love it. Its so dense it carries the product well and gives little fall out. Also the brushes are beautiful. I can’t wait to pick up another one, I’m thinking the other gold one?

This little bracelet is something I treated myself to in Turkey. It’s Sterling Silver and has the traditional Turkish Eye symbol on. It’s such a lovely bracelet and so dainty which means it’s perfect for stacking with other pieces. 

After hearing about the new Kate Moss for Rimmel collection I knew I had to grab a couple of things to try out, I picked up this Lipstick in shade 45 and to go with it a lipliner in ‘Sweet Pink’. Now the colours aren’t a perfect match but to be honest I like the colour they give together. This has been my go to lip shade since I purchased these products.

What things have you been loving recently? Or have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comment section below! 

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With Love; Em xo

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