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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Thought I'd do a different type of post for you today, so here are the products that I use in my skincare routine on a daily basis. My skin type is a bit of everything I have combination skin with dehydration and blemishes. Most of these products try and combat my blemish prone skin, and I've been shopping at the body shop recently so theres also a few products from there as well. 

My morning routine is nothing too fancy just quick and simple: I start of with this cleanser from The Body Shop and it's amazing I would definitely recommend it. I then use this light moisturiser from Simple. I then go in with this eye gel also from The Body Shop and it's real great for reducing puffiness and redness.  I then pop on some tea tree oil to my spots if i've broken out recently. If I'm applying makeup in the morning then I go ahead and pop on this Nivea primer that I'm currently trying out. And then just some vaseline on my lips.


First off I remove my makeup using The Body Shop eye makeup remover and then to remove the rest of my makeup I go in with the Micellar water. I then use one of the Garnier Face Washes depending on the condition of my skin at the time. I then cleanse with the tea tree cleanser.  After that I moisturise with the Simple anti-blemish moisturiser, then I add tea tree oil, then the eye gel and finally the blemish gel.

Here are some other products that I use depending on when I need them. If I have some particularly stubborn blemishes then I use the Tea Tree Face Mask around 1/2 a week. I use Sudocrem on particular areas of my skin if i've had a bad break out and if my skin is feeling dehydrated I use the Vitamin E Face Mist.

With Love; Em x

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