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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Recently I've really been enjoying room tour videos on youtube so I thought I'd do a blog post equivalent. Now my room at home is much smaller than I'd ideally like but we've done our best to make the most of the space. I'll try and link as many items as I can but a lot of the items we've picked up over the years or they've been given as gifts. Enjoy!

Reed Diffuser- Primark

Ring Holder- Charity Shop, Elephant- The Range

Candle- Primark, Hairbrush Pot- Ikea, Glass Tumblr- Ikea, Glass Pot- Dunelm, Mirror- NO7

Flower Lights- Primark

Mirror- The Range, Bamboo- The Range, Mug- Matalan

Heart Garland- TK Max
With Love, Em x

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